Birth attendants demand “Pregnant women to pay delivery fee”

Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in Pheripheral Health Units in Maina, Lowoma, Baoma, Gbodolahun, Wanyahun and Waima in the Nomo Chiefdom, Kenema District are demanding that they be compensated for services rendered in their various communities.

The TBA’s disclosed that they are travelling long distances to bring patients, mostly pregnant women, to the Pheripheral Health Unit at Faama for delivery.

Due to lack of any form of compensation under the Free Health Care Scheme, some of the TBA’s have withheld their services while others have resorted to home delivery. 

TBA’s at Dambida and Kpandebu villages have stopped work while others say they could not work under the Free Health Care Scheme without pay, especially to cover the twelve–eighteen miles distance toFaamaTownwhere the Pheripheral Health Unit is located.

Speaking to Lucinda Foday, the nurse incharge of Faama PHU in Nomo Chiefdom, she  confirmed that she no longer gets response from TBA’s in her operational area but that all TBA’s in Faama Town are supporting her work among them is the Town Chief, named Jenneh Mansaray.

Lucinda Foday added that TBA’s at Faama are partnering with her on a shift basis that has helped greatly to save the lives of mothers and their babies. 

The PHU at Faama is equipped with a motorbike, two mobile phones, donated by the District Health Management Team (DHMT) and the International Rescue Committee has supported them with a solar panel, a communication set and a refregerator to facilitate their work.

The PHU does not have electricity, pre-natal room and outside hut/room to serve as shelter or waiting room for patients.

According to the nurse in charge, to get network coverage to call for the Ambulance service, she has to travel three miles from Faama and lamented that even when the ambulance is available, the road is terrible.

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