Clifford Beatty, a Sierra Leonean; now a naturalized United States of America Citizen resident at 10584 Tattersall Drive, Manassas Virginia 20112 may thought that swindling innocent victims of their hard earned money or fraudulently obtaining their cash on the pretext of purchasing vehicles for them will continue endlessly, neglecting the economic pains and sufferings inflicted on them.

On 5th December, 2013 the National Central Bureau, Interpol Department in Freetown-Sierra Leone had communicated to the Head of the National Central Bureau, Washington Chapter informing the office of the criminal offence committed by Clifford Beatty on a Sierra Leonean Citizen and requested the branch office to effect his arrest. It is not known whether effort was made on their part to respond accordingly as requested.


The International Police loosely referred to as Interpol is a police cooperation that fights against cross border and organized crime globally. Coordination and cooperation among and between these offices are effective and prompt. But since the information was reported to the Washington Branch, it is not known what effort the Washington office has put in to contain the suspect.

It was after the Interpol alarm that the Law Offices of Yillah, Bangura and Tejan Cole filed in a suit at the High Court against Clifford Beatty and secured a judgment in default of appearance.

Meanwhile, family sources say another Law Firm in the United States of America whose legal service has been hired by Ms. M.G Kamara is busy putting the relevant papers together against Clifford Beatty.

For the past eight months that Clifford Beatty has been making unfulfilled promises, his victim has not relented; using all legal options to recover her US$8,700.00 that was swindled from her by this criminal network organized by the US Naturalized Citizen. “I am not fighting for myself alone but for the unsuspecting minds and to put a stop to Clifford Beatty’s criminal enterprise both in the United States of America and back home” She remarked.

In Virginia, where he resides, news about his criminal activities are no more secret and many Sierra Leoneans are reportedly distancing themselves from him “ He has tarnished the name of Sierra Leone in his Community and some of us are ashamed to be identified with him” echoed Mr. Dulai Kanu who has spent close to fifteen years in America.

Last year(2013), having got tired with the life he is living in the United States of America, he traveled to Sierra Leone to secure a job, but it appeared that the road was rough for him and had no alternative but to return to the United States of America to continue his wheeling and dealing trade.

Talking to this medium, Clifford Beatty has not denied obtaining the money, but said that at the time he received the money he had problems and since then he has been trying to refund Ms. M.G Kamara’s money. When will the refund be done is another untold story.

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  1. Ethomp422

    May 16, 2014 at 6:26 am

    Mr. Neville,

    I have been an ardent reader of your newspaper and some of your stories have been trustworthy. I am however baffled by this story about Mr. Beatty. I first met this gentleman when I was in London while on a visit to the US in 1994. I now reside in Washington DC working for the judiciary in the justice department of the federal government. He is one of the finest man I have met in our community. He is helpful and always ready to assist when asked.
    He had called me about this incident seeking help to retrieve the money he gave to one Claude Johnson in Maryland whom he had given this money to purchase the vehicle for Ms. Kamara but had incidentally swindled the money. I actually met Mr. Beatty and saw all the communication between him and Claude Johnson regarding the transaction as week as the communications between Claude Johnson and Mr. Beatty’s younger brother Joe. Joe is actually Claude Johnson’s friend and it was due to that relationship that led Mr. Beatty to entrust Joe and Claude Johnson with buying the car for Ms. Kamara. I also saw the last payment receipt that Mr. Beatty’s made to claud Johnson’s Capital one bank account in order for him to pick up the car from the car auction.
    I know we want to jump into conclusions sometimes about certain people but as a respected journalist, you have to be diligent before tarnishing people’s character. Mr Beatty tried to help here but got let down by an unscrupulous wanna be car sales man in the name of Claude Johnson. It was me who advised Mr. Beatty to file a complain against Claude Johnson.
    Your story is also not accurate because Mr. Beatty told me that He met with Ms. Kamara here through a friend and that he never knew her before then. Definitely never met in Sierra Leone. Did Ms. Kamara tell you that she had also asked Mr. Beatty to help her get an apple Macbook worth $2400 and that Mr Beatty helped her secure one for $700? Did she tell you at the time she was not able to make the payment right away and that she asks Mr. Beatty to pay on her behalf and he did so immediately? She did later paid him back but I mentioned this to educate you on the type of person this man is. There are people here from our loved Sierra Leone who go into lengths in helping others and Mr. Beatty is one of those. I know something went wrong but it is not because Mr. Beatty used the money personally. He just got let down by somebody else he trusted. I was with him once when a Mrs. Evelyn Johnson called him begging him not to take Claude Johnson to court and promised to make sure that he gets the money back. Mrs. Evelyn Johnson is the mother of Claude Johnson. I bet you the Dulai Kanu” you mentioned does not know Mr. Beatty or if he does, he hates the man. Mr. Beatty has a legal verdict from the Maryland court System that I have seen and in due time this issue will be resolved. I am sure he will be willing to furnish you all that information to prove to you he did not personally swindled Ms. Kamara’s money. And I will challenge you to do fair journalism by publishing those documents to show that you have painted a wrong picture of this man. I hope you take me up on that. I challenge to look up Mr. Beatty’s name in America’s justice system records and you will not find one record of him doing what you are accusing him of. And trust me I have checked already! And I wished you had done that before publishing this one sided story that Ms. Kamara gave you. Thats what journalists do.
    Keep doing what you do but do it fairly and diligently.

  2. Amans

    May 16, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Thank you for letting us make comments. Claude Johnson is my friend but he is a mess. mr. beatty gave him money for this car through his brother joe beatty. claude johnson ate the money just like he did for his girl friend’s best friend. its a shame. that day he told me that he is meeting with mr.beatty to get the money from him. Mr. beatty is somebody you will love when you meet with him. one day he met us on the side of the road in Alexandria Va. he stopped and asked us if we needed help. that was the first time I met him and as soon as he realized we were from Sierra leone, he was willing to help. we had run out of gas. he went to the gas station and bought some gas and brought for us and gave it to us for free without asking us for money. Its a shame that his name has to be messed up by one of us. he is a good man that does not deserve it. I hope Claude goes to jail for this. He is always hiding at his Momther’s house in Lanham. Everybody is mad at him for this. please don’t blame mr. beatty. He is a good brother that I will always be proud of and he is so much fun to be around. always advising us to learn something while we are here. he is not what you accuse him to be standard times. He is a good person.

  3. pbeoku

    May 16, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Mr. Editor,

    I think you should have investigated this matter a little more than you did. You are making some unfounded claim or at the very least unfair to Clifford. No intelligent person here that knows Clifford in this community will agree to your characterization of him except those who either just dont like him or are jealous of him. Clifford is one of the finest among us that you can always count on for help. That man will always answer a call to help some one when needed.
    First of all this incident is not new here in Maryland and Virginia. A lot of us saw the news on Facebook about him giving money to Claude Johnson brother of Dennis Johnson to buy a car for somebody in Freetown. We also learned from the post that Claude Johnson never bought the car and that he sent faked pictures of a Tuareg to Clifford claiming that this was the car that he had bought for him. This post on facebook was made by no other person than a girl friend (now an ex) of Claude Johnson because she was mad that her boyfriend has been doing this to other people. The sad part of all this is that Clifford’s younger brother recommended Claude to him because they were friends. This is just one of those unfortunate incidence but Clifford handed the money to Claude Johnson. Even Evelyn Johnson who happens to be Claude’s mother acknowleged her son son’s mischief to a friend of hers. Here is a link or page of the final judgement on the case which I believed ended last week. May be you will make some corrections to your article and straightened the record. Case #:050200305662013. Go to the Maryland state District court and input this number in the search case number section.
    You will see all the facts about the transaction.
    You guys make us scared to help other people in future with this type of reckless journalism.
    Only the likes of you will pay attention to this crap. Why dont you man up and asked Mr. Beatty to send you all the documents relating to this case befor you write this bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. lovedivine

    May 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    You people will try to make Mr Beatty look good but believe me its going to be a hard thing to do based on the publication of the Newspaper.This paper you must note is one of the most credible paper in SL.Attempting to paint Mr Beatty as a saint here is not the issue.The author of the article said that Beatty owned up to the fact that the lady in question gave her money to buy a vehicle for her and Beatty said to him that he had a does it mean that Beatty took the lady’s money to solve his problem.Let’s be honest folks,this is not the time to play the blame game,why can’t Mr Beatty do the honorable thing and pay up the money and save himself and his family this embarrassment.Who knows what the Newspaper is armed with in terms of evidence.This so bad,a sierra leonean fleecing another and then some others try to make him look like the victim.What about Ms Kamara whose money is involved here.Stop attempting to clean up Mr Beatty,let him do the honorable thing,pay up.oh salone man

  5. Amans

    May 19, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    I don’t think we are trying to make Mr. Beatty look good. Am not even his friend. I am an associate of Claude Johnson who is responsible for this mess. All we saying the story as posted is not entirely accurate. Mr. Beatty never denied getting Money from Ms. Kamara and I am sure he is going to make sure she gets all her money back. The point here is that he in good faith to Claude who was supposed to buy the car and that useless boy did otherwise. Here are some court documents to show that Mr. Beatty did give the money to Claude johnson as he told Philip Neville. And you can log in to the Maryland court system to see the case and download it. See the texts between Claude Johnson and Mr. Beatty’s brother Joe as he acknowledged receiving the first $6500. And see his text to Mr. Beatty asking for andother $900 to his capital One Bank account. We all feel bad about Mrs. Kamara but lets tell the story the true way.

    Claude Johnson: in the auction. Wsup
    Claude Johnson: Ok in 20. When I go outside
    Claude: Johnson: Up here at the car auction now. It went good. Got the car for your brother: There gonna be a balance but I’m gonna call Clifford in about 30 to give him the details
    Joe: He should pay more?
    Claude Johnson: Yeah
    Joe: How much more?
    Claude Johnson: I gave them the $6500 that Clifford gave me. He has to give me now $750 plus $100 that he didn’t give me.
    Joe: U mean your commission ?
    Claude Johnson: No the balance. I bought the car for $7250. No commission included
    Joe: Well call him
    Claude Johnson: Ok
    Joe: Coz he was thinking the car is 6500

    Here is another text between between Clifford and Claude Johnson. These are excerpts but you can get all from the court.

    Claude Johnson: Text me your email address so I can email you the car pictures.
    Clifford Beatty:
    Claude Johnson: okay
    Claude Johnson: Please deposit the $900 in my capital one Bank. You will give me the commission when I drop the car.
    Clifford Beatty: whats the account info?
    Claude Johnson: at the car auction right now. Don’t have wit me. Text to u as soon as I get home
    Claude Johnson: 1354473581 is acct no. Capital One Bank
    Clifford Beatty: Whats the name on the account?
    Claude Johnson: last name Johnson
    Claude Johnson: Been at the car car auction already. U still didn’t make the deposit
    Clifford Beatty: Been in a meeting man. Too busy. Hope this car business is over after today. Taking too much of my time.
    Clifford Beatty: Heading to the bank now.
    Clifford Beatty: deposited $900.00 Will give you your commission tomorrow when you drop the car at Raymond’s house. He is shipping the car. Text you his address later.

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