Both sides have refused to comment, even those parading the streets of Freetown claiming to be public relations officer for Kingho are not playing the role they claimed to be. Both companies, Kingho and Transcend, it is evident are deficient in effective public relations and sensitization of the general public. Transcend local representative could not be reached the same way Kingho, which has boasted of being a credible Mining Company that found its way to Sierra Leone under the incredible claim of helping the Government of Sierra Leone and its people. Its over two years now, blowing the same trumpet in the country, but unfortunately no tangible evidence the company has showcased of its development projects in the country apart from fighting its competitors in the mining industry.


The initial big publicity projected by Kingho, with promises of meaning well for Sierra Leone is fast becoming a hoax and a big shocker to the development aspiration of the government and its people.


Kingho is reportedly having trouble with land owners at the Pujehun District, and if the mines and mineral sector in collaboration with the Ministry fail to intervene and put the looming situation into proper control the results would be devastating. Sharing Honda Bikes, commonly known as Okada to selected Chiefdom authorities is not the type of development envisaged by the people or the government, but one that would transform the deplorable condition of the people whose natural endowment Kingho and other mining companies are  desperately competing for to plunder.


Documentary evidence have indicated that both Kingho and Transcend have almost reached a compromise to mine various minerals interested by each party in the Northern Province, a way to resolve the stalemate between the two Chinese Companies that had been showing their strengths, with Kingho strongly supported by the government based on promises made, which are yet to see the light of day.


It goes without saying that no nation can survive on promises, but taking Sierra Leone for granted, being a third world country, the Chinese Kingho Mining Company  wants the people of this country to survive on empty promises.


Playing the double card and telling the Minister of Mines and Minerals one story and


negotiating with its Chinese counterpart  on the other side has clearly demonstrated the level of deception most of these foreign companies are practicing in Africa. Documentary evidence dated 14th May, 2014 revealed deliberations held between the two Chinese Companies, but another document dated 4th June, 2014 showed Kingho urging the Minister of Minerals Resources to remove Transcend from its current location claiming that its presence on the mining site in the Northern Province will not augur well for the Agenda for Prosperity.


Another document dated 7th June, 2014 which was in response to what could be seen as the many lies and false impression of Kingho originated from Transcend that many concerned Sierra Leoneans have described as a clear deception of Kingho and a calculated plan aimed at fooling the Minister and Government, as if there had been no deliberations between the two Chinese Company to work amicably in the Northern Province. Many questions have been asked as to why the Government of Sierra Leone is encouraging Chinese dominance in several key areas of the country.


Kingho’s latest exposure and its double business standards coupled with so many unfulfilled promises have left Sierra Leoneans wondering as to what would be their fate with a Company whose business credibility is uncertain. On the other hand, the Transcend Mining Company whose license was with-held in favour of Kingho seems to be floating on its location, from hope to hopelessness with no encouragement from Government.


It would be recalled that it was Transcend that initially materialized in Sierra Leone and was able to secure two mining licenses to mine gold and coltan in the Northern Province, where sources say it initiated several development projects that are benefitting land owners of the region. The advent of Kingho with lofty promises that are yet to be realized had placed a spanner in what many residents of the North say in the good works of Transcend.


It was the expectation of many Sierra Leoneans that the credibility claimed of delivering the goods by Kingho would have been realized by now if not all, but what has become very evident is the deceitful scheme for personal benefit of its owners.


It is true that Kingho is one of the biggest Chinese Companies operating in China and some other parts of the Globe, but since the award of mining licenses to the Company nothing reasonably has been of benefit to the people of this country and land owners in the various provincial towns in the North and Southern provinces where its presence is noticeable.


The government is no secret is groping between two Chinese Companies and which one will deliver the proposed goodies is not known; only time will tell.



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