Mada Bio’s Military Record Out! ‘he is not Brigadier General’

This publication about Mr. Julius Maada Bio’s military career will put to rest debates as to whether he went through the ranks and deservedly left with the position of Brigadier General or not. What remains true about the SLPP Presidential Candidate is the unchallenging fact that he was a member of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces and severed in senior positions. However, his record from the military showed that he bye-passed certain key positions to attain the rank he catapulted himself to in less than ten years he was in the service. To the dismay of his admirers, Mr. Julius Maada Bio used the military to gain height, which is neither beneficial to him, the military and those that had admired him as an ex-military officer who rose to the rank of a Brigadier.

Sierra Leone, a country with less than six million population and a military strength of less than ten million is unripe to have a Brigadier General in the military. To most people, Mr Bio was more of a politician than a military officer and his departure from the military is nothing to write home about, expressed my many people who thought that he could have transformed the military, prior to his exit from political power since that was were he came from to the seat of political power at State House. He left the military in a state of disillusionment, mockery and shamble and catapulted himself, while his former military boss and Head of State Mr. Valentine Strasser remained as Captain to this day both from politics and the military.

According to Mr. Bio’s military record unearthed by this medium few days back, Julius Maada Bio joined the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) as an Officer Cadet on 18th March 1986. During this period the late ex-President Momoh of the All Peoples Congress Party (APC0 was in governance. He was trained at the Benguema Training Centre, known as BTC. His training commenced on 1st May 1986 and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant on 30th October 1987.

After the commissioning ceremony, Mr. Julius Maada Bio and his colleagues were posted to the Lungi Garrison according to the records to pursue the following military courses, namely the Progressive Qualification Scheme (PQS) in level one, which started in October and concluded in 1988. Also, he was requested to pursue the next level of military course the following year known as Progressive Qualification Scheme (PQS), level two from September and concluded in November 1989.

After completion of these military courses Mr. Julius Maada Bio though little known in the military was fully qualified. By then, he was already promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on 12th December 1988.

At the rank of Lieutenant, Julius Maada Bio and a handful of power thirsty young military officers stormed the city of Freetown on the pretext that they had come to report about low moral at the war front. The low moral turned out to be a coup and toppled the late ex-president Momoh’s APC Government

On 7th August 1992 just three months after the coup Mr. Julius Maada Bio was promoted to the rank of Captain and in 1995 the Captain promoted himself to the rank of Brigadier. It could be observed that he bye-passed the official line. From Captain, it is expected that he should have gone through the ranks, such as Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Lieutenant prior to the rank of Brigadier. He deliberately and politically skipped all these ranks and catapulted himself. According to the military code, a soldier must deservedly accomplished a period of about twenty five years before attaining the rank of Brigadier, but in the case of Mr. Julius Maada Bio in less that ten years in the military and politics he promoted himself to the rank of Brigadier. He did not rise to the rank of a General as he is most time addressed by his admirers. His military record showed that he stopped at the rank of Brigadier and not Brigadier General


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