Roland Monacsh, the Danish national who is the UNICEF Representative TO Sierra Leone of the United Nations International Children’s Fund has a lot of explanations to make relating to an alleged 11% Commission, which unlawfully is paid to his nongovernmental organization for every procurement of Free Health Care Drugs bought on behalf of Sierra Leone from his numerous international Pharmaceutical contractors.

It is evident that since the pronouncement by his Excellency about the provision of a Free Health Care programme for lactating mothers, under five’s and pregnant women the official role of UNICEF in complimenting government effort in the administration and management of the medical system of the country had been changed, instead of focusing on its traditional role UNICEF became a buyer of all medical and related materials even with the storage of medical materials UNICEF is at the front negotiating with store owners for reasons only Roland Monacsh could explain.

The unlawful interference of UNICEF in the overall arrangement of the Free Health Care Drugs for personal enrichment has resulted into several containers of drugs to perish at the quay and most of them suffering from unnecessary demurrage, which is costing the NPPU Millions of Leones that are computed into Dollars.

The official and normal purchase of drugs are expected to be conducted in conformity with the World Health Organization standards with preference giving to credible international Pharmaceutical Companies that are registered with the World Health Organizations(WHO), but how is UNICEF purchasing these drugs, without the involvement, verification and certification of local established entities set up by the Sierra Leone Government is the puzzle to be unraveled by the Anti Corruption Commission, when it would have dragged Roland Monacsh and his UNICEF Organization into the corruption net.

Even with the tracer medicines that should have been used since the outbreak of the Ebola virus, UNICEF got itself involved and caused unnecessary delays of a large consignment of the product to the detriment of Sierra Leoneans. Documentary evidence has now revealed that the tracer medicines should have arrived at the NPPU warehouse not later than June 1, 2014 to kick start an early distribution as was planned at a meeting held on June 16, 2014. The  schedule date did not meet the deadline, instead it was in June 12,2014 when only 5 of the 24 products arrived and the last 2 products that would have fast-tracked the distribution process to commence; arrived on the 15th, about one and half month late for the full distribution exercise to commence.

Roland Monacsh who is always at the frontline of every arrangements, purchases and importation has given no credible explanation as to the reason(s) for the delay. Probably, one does not know whether he enjoys hearing bad news about the death of numerous Sierra Leoneans that should have been saved if the process had kicked off early.

The Free Health Care Programme, which is the initiative of President Koroma, has experienced numerous fraudulent arrangements even at the Queen Elizabeth Quay 11. To many Sierra Leoneans, it becomes shocking news to learn that Custom Duties, according to UNICEF are levied on Containers with Free Health Care Drugs. Between January to August Roland Monasch has caused the UNICEF, based on his explanation to pay thousands of dollars for several containers, which amounted to US$459,941.00.

Another strange development is that all documentations for Audit purposes are prepared by UNICEF and submitted to Auditors, a development that is very strange and unethical in the field.

The faces of UNICEF Contractors and amount negotiated for the Free Health Drugs are opaque and known only to the nongovernmental Organization. The cost of drugs also, is only known to the purchasing partners and not the government or people that are beneficiaries of the drugs. (To be continued)

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