Attorney General orders arrest of Nassit man and soldiers

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mr. Frank Kargbo has reportedly ordered the arrest of one T:M Bah a staff of NASSIT and Mohamed Marrah a soldier.

He allegedly gave the order for the arrest of Bah to the Inspector General of Police Francis Munu and the arrest of Marah to the Minister of Defence Palo Conteh.

Both Bah and Marrah should help the police in their investigation relating to the theft of an Olympus XRF Test Machine which costs over Fifty Thousand United States Dollars and other equipment valued over Two Hundred and Ninety Million Leones belonging to an Irishman, Fintan Roche owner of the BLACK STONE Company operating at Kamakwie in the Bombali District. Reports state that Mr. Fintan Roche had employed one Mohamed Marrah and Mohamed Kallay both of whom became his confidante

He left both men at his home in Kamakwie when he went to Ireland for medical treatment. On his return from Ireland, according to police, Marrah and Kallay were not seen at the airport to receive him according to what was arranged

It would be recalled that Mohamed Marrah had abandoned his job in the military and took up employment at Black Stone without resigning from the military. Unfortunately, no background check was done on him and further investigation as to why he resigned his military job for a mining company.

When the Black Stone boss returned from Ireland and could not see Marrah he went into search for him and discovered that he has been relocated and re-deployed to another location by the military.  Police investigation has not giving any clue as to Marrah’s new location.

When Fintan Roche, the Black Stone Company boss according to the police, visited Mohamed Kallay’s home at Malama, Lumley, his wife allegedly informed him that he knew nothing about her husband’s  where about.

It was earlier reported that Kallay was around Kabala receiving native treatment. Police say Fintan Roche told them that he left Kallay’s salary with his wife, which cannot be confirmed independently.

Police sources further reveal that it was after Fintan Roche reached Kamakwie that he discovered that something had gone terribly wrong in his absence. The Irishman, according to sources, was unable to gain access to his premises because Marrah and Kallay, who were in charge, have been absent with the keys in their possession. Weilders had to be brought in to cut the frames so that Fintan could get access into his premises. To this dismay the belongings of both Marrah and Kallay were not available in the house and discovered that the premises had been looted with the test machine and other equipment missing.

Fintan later reported the matter to the Kamakwie police.

The police said Fintan claimed that he received a telephone call from Kallay, alias JAWE, telling him that if he wanted his machine he should give him the sum of Twenty Thousand United States Dollars. Kallay was reportedly arrested and handed over to the Central Police Station.

Mohamed Kallay’s confession to the Police during the investigation prompted the Attorney General to order the arrest of both Mr. Bah of NASSIT and Mohamed Marrah of the Republic of the Sierra Leone Armed Force.

Raphael Israel, Managing Director of AMR Gold had allegedly contacted Mohamed Kallay and Mohamed Married while Fintan was ill in Ireland to dispose the assets of BLACK STONE as Fintan was finished and not capable of returning to Sierra Leone.

He promised them that AMR Gold was ready to employ them for a salary of Five Million Leones per month.

Kallay allegedly mentioned in his statement that a former Senior Mines Monitoring Officer, Kesudma Mansaray, facilitated the sale of the Olympus X RF test machine to TM Mining to which Mr. Bah of NASSIT is Director and Owner.

Kesuma Manasary is now working for a Private Mining Company. Kallay was brought before the Director of Prison, Mr. Bilo Koroma to explain what he knew about the machine.

He allegedly informed Mr. Koroma that if only Mr. Bah of NASSIT could be arrested the whereabouts of the machine will be known. This piece of information was relayed to the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice

The Office of the Attorney General has now ordered the Office of the Inspector General of Police, to cause the arrest of Mr. Bah, employee of NASSIT, which should have happened prior to the Eid-Ul fitri of October 4, 2014, but never happened.

Sources alleged that Mr. Kallay had confessed that Winston Priddy had giving him an unspecified amount of money from Bah for the test machine. Report states that the Attorney General has also asked the Minister of Defence Minister to cause the arrest of Marrah, an accomplice to Kallay. This too has not yet happened and the non action is negatively impacting on police investigation. Meanwhile, the GGDO is also reportedly investigating whether T.M. Mining, owned by Mr. Bah is paying royalties to government or not.

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