Ministry of Health Turns  Garden of Love as Deputy Minister Champions award of Contracts

Ministry of Health Turns Garden of Love as Deputy Minister Champions award of Contracts

October 18, 2014 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

…no procurement laws observed

Doctor Monica, a Ugandan Medical Practitioner who was assigned to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to monitor the day-to-day affairs of the Ministry has been viewed negatively, interpreting her presence and role contrary to her responsibility, which among other things is to coordinate all health related activities and report to State House. She could be described as an auxiliary player to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, but since Doctor Monica was transferred to the Ministry, the political head of the Ministry has become uncomfortable and has heaped blames on the Permanent Secretary and other top officials of the Ministry as the individuals that are his sabotaging his administration, this led to the fracas between the Minister and the Permanent Secretary the last three weeks.

But that is not all, and what seems to be going on at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation that has the potential of collapsing the administration of the entity if President Koroma with the prerogative power to hire and fire fails to take the necessary corrective measure that would see peace, tranquillity and growth taking an enviable position in the country. Sadly, it is gradually becoming evidently clear that the focus of those put at the apex of power to navigate the Ministry to safety have transformed it to a “Garden of Eden”.

With the new title appreciated by the Minister of Health and Sanitation Dr Abu Fofanah and his Deputy 2 Ms. Madina Rahman, official work has been compromised to the benefit of the two and at the detriment of the State and its beneficiaries. Madina Rahman, a former employee of a Nursing Home in the United States of America is also comfortable with her new assignment as the self “appointed Personal Assistant” (PA) to the Minister who reportedly manages Dr. Fofana’s diary and confirms all appointments before anyone could see him. Colleagues’ especially female employees are barred from seeing the Minister on matters as she protects what she cherished most  and interested in getting close to her heart. She has craftily positioned herself well to execute her plan; which she is systematically succeeding to achieve, whilst the Ministry of Health and Sanitation become disorganized. She has moved her office to the next door from the Central wing of the Ministry to the West wing next to the Minister’s Office and has succeeded in getting the Romeo Minister to approve from Ebola funds over Le257, 000,000 to fix her office. Since their appointments and confirmation by Parliament, the statutory Top Leadership meetings attended by Ministers, CMO, PS, Directors and Programme Managers are now restricted to a few names like Fofanah, Kargbo, Sesay, Kanu leaving out others with critical roles in health service delivery.

Tribalism has become the bible of the Ministry and vengeance the order of the day. Those who were working friends of the former Minister, Madam Miatta Kargbo have become the targets of the two and are not called to any meeting or supported to perform any official assignment. Deputy Minister 2 Madina Rahman now determines the award of contracts and endeavours that contracts are awarded to her friends, ex-husband from the USA who is the owner and proprietor of a hotel in Aberdeen where she has instructed the lodging of about 150 Cuban Doctors with no regards for procurement process. The food served to these medical practitioners who are yet to be assigned to any Ebola Centres costs $120 per meal. The ex-husband will enjoy Ebola money at the expense of the state. As if that is not enough, she is now manipulating the Romeo Minister to cancel existing contracts in favour of her friends and sees that files for Lebanese business men and contractors are processed without day to attract kickbacks. The procurement section established within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has become redundant and non functional. Since the Ebola Centre was opened at Hastings; Contractors that have been supplying food and other items have not received any pay, because according to her, they were not contracted by any of them. The contractors are now threatening to stop the supply of food items until they receive payments for what had already been supplied. Deputy Minister “Juliet” Madina Rahman is now awarding contracts to supply Generators, food/ diets etc to Ebola treatment centres in the country and those contracts are awarded her friends and relatives. All of these are reportedly being machinated by the CMO, Mr. Brima Kargbo who since he left the HIV/AIDS Secretariat in June 2013 still continues to hold on to the keys to the office of the Director of NAS thus depriving the Ag. Director Mansaray. Even the brand new Land cruiser assigned to the Ag. Director of the HIV/AIDS is parked at the Youyi Building Compound depriving Mansaray. His claim is that Mr. Mansaray is SLPP. The political and working history of Dr. Kargbo from 1996 to date will soon be made public for assessment.