Who is the real leader of the SLPP?

By Lansana Kemokai in Kenema
This piece was written by an insider of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). The reason for publishing it is for the reading public to know that there are still cracks within the party. The Insider is presenting a true story of what is going on in the party…read on

L-R, Mada Bio, Sama Banya and John Benjamin

After the SLPP delegates convention this year in Freetown I was hoping that the rift between John Benjamin and Julius Maada Bio would have been healed. But from the look of things, especially with recent newspaper publications wherein Maada Bio’s attack dogs within the SLPP have been having field day in attacking the personality of Mr. Benjamin, it is becoming clearer that Maada does not want sleeping dogs to lie.
Julius Maada Bio should know that he is not the chairman and leader of the SLPP but only the flagbearer, which means he should know that by the party’s hierarchy he is below John Benjamin. The earlier he gets this in his thick skull the better it will be for himself and the party. In contrast, while Maada has been implicated in murder and state theft, John Benjamin has never been implicated in those things. The fact remains that while Maada’s brother Steve Bio and his sister were fueling the rebel war through their connections with Corporal Foday Sankoh, John Benjamin’s brother Ben-Hirsh died in the line of duty to his country Sierra Leone.
Instead of Julius Maada Bio trying to mend fences with a better head like John Benjamin whom he has hurt so much during the campaign for the flagbearer ticket, he has ordered his press boys to go on the offensive against a man who has done so much for the survival of the SLPP. Just after the 2007 elections when everything was going bad for the SLPP it was John Benjamin who put his monies and efforts in uniting the party while Julius Maada Bio was enjoying his state loot with the daughter of Dr Sama S. Banya in Bo and other places in the country.
It is my humble view that Julius Maada Bio’s boldness to attack John Benjamin’s personality is because of the encouragement he is getting from political prostitutes like Dr Sama S. Banya. I want them to know that John Benjamin and Bio are not in the same class because the party’s chairman and leader have vast experience whilst Bio has not. Since Julius Maada Bio was elected flag bearer the SLPP has come under intense fire because of his stained past character, which is why some SLPP supporters are thinking of voting otherwise in the 2012 elections. It is the attitude of Julius Maada Bio which is now driving off decent party stalwarts like Usman Boi Kamara and Dr Soyei from the activities of the SLPP’s flagbearer.
The sufferings which John Benjamin has undergone for the SLPP should be recognized. This is why Julius Maada Bio should behave himself properly and shows some amount of respect to the SLPP’s chairman and leader. With political prostitutes like Dr Sama S. Banya condoning the attacks on John Benjamin by the Julius Maada Bio camp, people are of the opinion that the SLPP is an ungrateful party because they are now trying to dump John Benjamin for a former coup plotter who has only helped to dent the image of the SLPP more than before. In conclusion, Julius Maada Bio should know that John Benjamin is more popular than him within the party as he scored over 60% while he scored just 39% after a meeting was held for him by Dr Sama Banya and others.

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