…Depositors to explain

The presentations were highly recognized and honoured as representatives of the various institutions appeared before the president to register their organization’s concern and contribution towards the fight of the Ebola. The press on many occasions was invited to witness the presentation ceremony of Millions of Leones to help fight the killer disease. Speeches accompanied the presentations made by the various representatives were inspiring. Whether it was a deliberate attempt to make mockery of the situation or it was done at a time when limited or no funds were available in the accounts of these organizations is now subject to explanation as the checks have been reportedly dis-honoured by the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, the recipient bank where the Ebola account was established.

Over One Billion, Six Hundred Million Leones have been discovered by the Audit Service was not honoured by the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, which are donations made to the fight against the Ebola.

It may sound very scary that financial institutions like banks could refuse donations of valuable instrument such as cheques made on behalf of a national fight whose disease has killed thousands of Sierra Leone in a period of eight to nine months of its existence.

Those who made the representations on behalf of their organizations, may be walking the streets of Freetown with their heads down in shame as they least expected such disappointment or what could be loosely referred to as a fake representation to the first gentleman of the state in relation to an epidemic that he became the chief fighter, but was let down by some national institutions.

Among the institutions listed to have deposited cheques that were dis-honoured by the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank are the Sierra Leone Environmental Protection with cheque number 21043 and the amount was Le400,000,000. The Sierra Leone Insurance with cheque number 30098509 and the amount deposited was Le82, 000.000. The Freetown Terminal with cheque number 132190 and amount was Le50,000.000. Universal Trading and Supplies cheque number 521641 for an amount of Le50,000.000. FEMET Benton Villa (SL) Ltd, cheque number 1370445 amount was Le100,000.000. Guico Press transfer “TF” amount was Le93,000.000. SALCOST, cheque number – amount was Le75,000.000. Another donation by the Sierra Leone Insurance with cheque number 30098511 for Le70,000.000. London Mining Company, cheque number 30123609 for Le400.000.000. Flaming Evangelical with cheque number 1695272 for Le100.000.000. Sea Coach Boat Company cheque number 1941 for Le100.000.000 and First International Bank with cheque number 4014497 for Le150.000.000. All these cheques according to the Audit Report have not been honoured by the bank, which now needs explanation from the depositors

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