SIERRATEL MANAGER In Electricity Scandal


The name Milton Koroma has surfaced again in the pages of some of the country’s local tabloids. His last free publicity on many front pages was his activities at the St. Francis Secondary School, which left many past, present pupils and members of the Makeni public in a state of shock and disbelief.

His transfer to the city of Freetown was not one with joy and pageantry, but to hibernate and allowed the dust of the St. Francis Secondary School scandal to settle down, but the local adage that a Leopard hardly gives up its spots is what the former principal is getting difficulties to relinquish.

It may sound strange to many people that the former St. Francis Principal has continued to display similar traits and behavior, which almost saw his demise in Makeni, even when much is expected from him at this time and progressive transformation that would make him to fully adapt himself to the new community after his disappearance from Makeni     

The entire Community at the Rokupr Estate around the Congo Water axis by the Post office was last week in a state of uproar when members of the Community discovered that their legal livelihood has been trampled upon by Milton Koroma who they later learnt was the Principal of the Saint Frances Secondary School in Makeni.

The former St. Frances Principal Milton Koroma of No.78 Rokuprr Estate grabbed a Human Resource Manager Job at Sierratel that was never advertized to give equal opportunity to other Sierra Leoneans to apply.

He secured the unadvertised job through his links with the corridors of power and it is believed that through these links he has made himself a demi god, terrorizing residents within his Community.

The Secretary General of the Community Mr. Bai Bai Jah alleged that the new comer into their Community is in the perpetual habit of illegally engaging the services of some junior workers of the National Power Authority (NPA) at Blackhall Road, East end of Freetown to interfere with electricity supply in the area to provide his residence with an uninterrupted power supply.

Community sources have referred to the engagement as a clandestine activity operated by Milton Koroma, thereby depriving other households from benefiting from electricity supply and at the same time defrauding the official electricity bill collection effort of the government. They also suspected tampering of the electricity meter. About ten days back, a team of some junior NPA operatives from the Blackhall Road Sub-station allegedly on the instruction of Milton Koroma disrupted electricity supply to hundreds of households in the Community in their effort to search for direct lines that could connect his house without any interruption even whenever there is a general power outrage.

Reports say when youths of the community discovered what they called tampering with electricity lines and meter; they alerted the Blackhall Road NPA Station. It was disclosed that Milton Koroma was the principal suspect who allegedly mobilized some junior NPA workers to disconnect the entire area and provide him with direct connection from wherever they were able to secure it.

The Community Secretary General went further to allege that a report was also made to the Head Office of the Electricity House at Siaka Steven Street about the illegal tampering of NPA cables and meter by the operatives in favour of Milton Koroma.

The Human Resource Manager, Milton Koroma when confronted by youths of the area is reported to have bragged about his connection with State House and his proximity to the APC Party, allegedly stating that “this is my government I must do what is right for me”. he remarked to the youths.

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