…tramples on Presidential authority.

A little education on the rights and powers of the democratically elected President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma may serve a long way to the general public to realize that the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone grants several rights and executive powers to the President of Sierra Leone, not necessarily the current holder of the office but any individual duly and democratically operating under the 1991 Constitution.

One individual who has demonstrated explicit disregard for both the office of the President and his rights and powers is the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Mrs. Aisha Johansson

Whether the show of disregard is as a result of both individuals carrying the same titles or that the President of SLFA is of the opinion that she has the support of the World Football Body or romancing with some of its officials and can therefore challenge the authority of the democratically elected President of the State may be the subject of political debates.

Few weeks back at the office of the Secretary to the President, Mr. Osho Coker, it is reported that the SLFA President exhibited some form of unacceptable behavior, but was pardoned and allowed to leave the office without being reprimanded for her unruly and disrespectful behavior.

It would be recalled that few months back, the same President of SLFA physically assaulted one of the Country’s International Football Player named Mohammed Kallon.

Dr. Patrick Coker, the President of the National Olympic Committee(NOC) may be searching for  appropriate words to describe the behavior of President Aisha Johansson few days back when she demonstrated that she was the wrong choice to head the Country’s Football Association

What is not clear, based on a close assessment of her general behavior is whether she has become intoxicated with power or she is all the time under the influence of something that cannot be easily comprehended, which is causing her to be hyper and out of control and showing disrespect to elders and abuse the fundamental rights of members of the Football Association in the Country.

Mrs. Aisha Johannson could not be reached for comments relating to allegations that she has extended her abuse and even challenging the authority of President Koroma who recently authorized Alhaji Unisa Awoko Sesay to commission a Football Match in Morocco between Kano Pillars of Nigeria and Maghreb Tetouan of Morocco. As the only Match Commissioner in Sierra Leone of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Alhaji Sesay was invited to attend, and his attendance was considered very crucial.

President Koroma having learnt about the importance of Commissioner Sesay’s attendance granted him permission when a letter dated 10th March, 2015 landed on his table through the Secretary to the President, Mr. Osho Coker.

In response to Commissioner Sesay’s request, Secretary to the President after consultation with his boss responded to his request dated 13th March, 2015 to proceed and honour the request of CAF. This is not the first time that Commissioner Sesay has been granted approval from President Koroma, but it would appear that this time round Aisha Johansson is determined to challenge the authority of the democratically elected President of Sierra Leone.

To prove her determination, she has reportedly slammed a suspension on Commissioner Sesay for traveling to Morocco and commissioned a Football Match on the pretext that he was being investigated for an alleged Match Fixing.

Additionally, sources say Aisha Johansson has claimed that President Koroma has no legitimate right to grant permission to Commissioner Sesay without her consent, especially when the issue pertains to her domain.

Meanwhile, discussions among members of the Association and some Football Stake holders are questioning the authority of the SLFA President to challenge the authority of the democratically elected President of the Country, with powers to hire and fire.

As the date for the SLFA Congress draws closer, efforts reportedly by Aisha Johansson is to create unnecessary problem so that the meeting which has been scheduled to take place this month will be deferred.

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