“Diplomat “Tenders Letter of Resignation

“It is with regret that I hereby tender my letter of resignation as 1st VP and member of the Council of the Chamber” was how the diplomat with questionable credentials commenced his letter. The element of regret he failed to highlight in his letter, but went on to state that it was, following a careful consideration that led him to take such decision. The level of consideration and how careful he was has left many Sierra Leoneans and members of Chamber wondering as to what prompted the irrational decision that was done with “regret”.

The “regret” is now reportedly affecting him as he usually pushes forward the Country’s Chamber of Commerce to achieve his personal ambition. The diplomat with questionable credentials,  called Adonis Aboud is now walloping and groping in the shadow of his true identity as to why he messed up his chance and reputation while he was a serving member of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce.

Going by the words of his letter of resignation dated Sept 10th 2013, he appears like a saint not to be defiled by sinners, but going deeper into investigation to unravel reasons as to why Adonis Aboud tendered his letter of resignation from the Chamber would leave the minds of probably his admirers in a state of perturb and shocks to realize that he was full of ambition and quest for money.

It was in Nigeria in 2013, when the Lagos Chamber of Commerce invited its Sierra Leonean counterpart to a Conference. Mr. Aboud pushed forward to be part of the delegation including the Executive Secretary of the Country’s Chamber of Commerce. The occasion coincided with the visit of President Koroma to Lagos-Nigeria. Many observers have said that he got wind of the President’s trip and thought; it would be an opportunity for him to be there himself and explore possible avenues to have a direct discussion with him and be identified with the first gentleman of Sierra Leone in a foreign Country. These are some of his strategies used to create proximity between himself and a sitting President or Head of State. It would be recalled that he implemented similar strategies to be recognized and be part of the late ex-President Siaka Stevens’ delegation to Yugoslavia, when the late President was invited to take part in a Conference in that Country.

Unfortunately, he was not able to achieve his dream in Lagos; despite he put up at the same Sheraton Hotel with President Koroma, but never had the opportunity of having a direct conversation with him.

The Presidential dinner, which  he was expected to be part of   and pave his way to meet with President Koroma he was also not invited to it. The disappointment he suffered, coupled with suspicions by some senior officials of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce that he inflated bills from the trip that was not addressed on time frustrated him to the point of taking a decision that he described as “regret”

It was hinted in certain quarters that the feeling among some Chamber members was that Adonis Aboud has defrauded the Chamber by submitting a bill that was suspicious and questionable, therefore to maintain the reputation of the Chamber, which is not a breeding ground for crooks, any suspicion relating to fraud must be handled seriously. Although, it is reported that no indebt investigation was carried out to ascertain the authenticity of the bills submitted to Chamber by Adonis Aboud for refund, however the suspicion was strong among concerned members, which contributed to prolong the refund that he almost strangled Chamber to make to him in addition to the disappointment he received for not getting the attention of President Koroma in Lagos-Nigeria.

Whether he sensed the action prior to his regretful decision or coincided with his decision to approach the exit door of the Chamber he had pressured for his refund is something he cannot explain nor did he had the courage to document it.

As he correctly indicated in his letter of resignation that “it was with regret” that he tendered his letter, reports allegedly state that he is trying to use the back door to gain a second entrance to the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce as the institution used to be one of his principal sources of contacts that he utilized profitably and purposefully to maximize his personal resources and gained height.

Consequently, most business houses and individuals that he has rubbed shoulders with over the years have  regrettably lost confidence and trust on him, either as a result of his shylock behaviour or the general suspicion that he is skillful in robbing people for his personal benefit. Mercury International, a Gambling Company in Sierra Leone reportedly ceased doing business with him when he could not account for Le 150 Million given to him for the Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant Show.

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