Who owns the Union of Timber Factory Owners and Workers? This is the name of the new Timber Company formed by Mr. Suma, popularly known among his likes as “Timbergate Suma”.Few months back, this same individual was the focus of media and in the middle of Government litigation together with the former Chief of Staff, Dr. Richard Konte and others. They were dragged to Court on charges relating to the export and processing of timber and logs.


The matter is still dragging in the lower court for reasons only known to the prosecutors and the State. Mr. Suma having realized that his Company Timber Harvesters Processors and Exporters Sierra Leone Ltd is part of the litigation, secretly established another Company under a different nomenclature, but performing the same functions like that of his previous Company. Mr. Suma is reportedly on a money drive to see how he can replenish his Coffer after he had paid huge amount of money to his solicitors as legal fees. Taking advantage of the delay the matter has experienced in court, he has put in place another mechanism to extort money from some Chinese businessmen, who are also in the timber trade.

Mr. Suma’s main partners in the timber business are Chinese nationals, residing both in Sierra Leone and overseas. To keep his hands oily again, he has cleverly collected money from three Companies including that of his Timber Harvesters Processors and Exporters Sierra Leone Ltd and two others, namely Banico Holdings SL.Ltd and China Friendship Sierra Leone. The Le280 Million Leones according to the receipt of the Union of Timber Factory Owners and Workers is to be utilized for the National Tree Planting 2015 organized every year by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

On how the money will be recovered, the receipt went on to state that it would be paid back when the ban on timber exportation is lifted and the sum of $200.00(Two Hundred Dollars), be deducted per container until the full amount is recovered. When will that be is yet unknown, but Mr. Suma is reportedly convincing the Chinese Traders that it’s going to be possible for the ban to be lifted and the ban will not be indefinite.

Regarding the matter in court, he has informed them that it would soon come to a close as every effort is geared towards a peaceful resolution of the case.

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