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For 25 years, living life in the United States of America has been a futile and unproductive attempt until when in 2007 after the General Elections that ushered in President Ernest Bai Koroma to State House, which led to the invitation of Sierra Leoneans abroad to come home and contribute to national development saw a change in the lives and livelihoods of those Sierra Leoneans that life has not been meaningful for and considered a complete waste of time.


However, the transition that changed their lives seemed to have been abused by some of them as they now swing in a pool of corruption with no justifiable reason to advance as to how they come about owning about five houses in five years in office.

Madam Khadija Sesay claims to be a devout Muslim, who offers her five daily prayers to Allah asking for long life, good health and prosperity, but not the ability to mismanage and engage in corruption or corrupt practices.

Ironically, she turned out to ask for everything and falsely presenting herself to the citizenry as upright, whilst Allah is constantly keeping a watch on her and disapproving her activities which are unreligious and not in principles of Mohammedanism.

Unfortunately, the ineffective and nonperforming Anti Corruption Commission is completely blind to the corrupt activities taking place at the Open Government Initiative (OGI) office. Corruption offences such as “unexplained wealth” that other Sierra Leoneans have faced the music in the courts are not offences that the OGI Director should be penalized for or face the music. The reason(s) may be, is as a result of something the Anti Corruption Commissioner would not want others to know. Yesterday, few so-called members of the Civil Society Groups believed to be under the influence of the office of the Open Government Initiative and probably benefiting from the Director have galvanized themselves in an attempt to impeach the President of the Federation of Civil Society Groups, Mr. Victor Lansana Koroma for raising certain pertinent issues that have to do with corruption, misappropriation, administrative incompetence and others that are flourishing at the Open Government Initiative Office.

The so-called members may have forgotten the role of Civil Society Groups in good governance and democracy, but for what they may have received they decided to dump their roles and ideals into the trash cans and fight the President of the Federation.

Meanwhile, this medium continues to sensitize the public on the administrative malaise and high level of corruption that have continued to puncture the ambition and desire of President Ernest Bai Koroma in setting up of the office, which should have been one of the valuable instruments to promote democracy and take governance to the doorsteps of the governed

Presidential Town Hall Meeting

In February 2011 the OGI was supposed to have facilitated a Presidential Town Hall meeting with Sierra Leoneans in Belgium.

The Ministry of Finance approved and paid the sum of Le 100m to Madam Khadija Sesay. On receiving the amount; the Director, this medium learnt left Sierra Leone for Belgium to finalize arrangements with Sierra Leoneans and was expected to return after the arrangement had been finalized prior to the final trip, which she was to be accompanied by some civil society organization members.

However, close to the date scheduled for the meeting, President Ernest Bai Koroma reportedly cancelled the trip because the date coincided with the more important celebration of the country’s “Armed Forces Day” celebration. It is however expected that such money be returned or paid back to the consolidated fund.

Whether Madam Khadija paid back the money or not is the unsolved mystery. But investigations are yet to establish the accuracy of records and receipts of payment of the money by this medium.

It could be recalled that the OGI also facilitated another Town Hall meeting for the President in Holland and Belgium in 2014 with a new and approved budget for the trip. Concerns expressed by many is that since the initial Le 100m for the presidential trip to Belgium in 2011 never materialized, what could have happened to the amount approved for the 2014 official trip

The Lease Letter

After our last publication on the Director of the Open Government Initiative (OGI) relating to OGI funds being redirected to the construction of houses within the Western Area, the Director responded over the air (SLBC) has been a complete denial of having built herself five (5) houses. She denied pictures of the houses published of not being her properties.

Gradually, for the benefit of the reading public, pieces of documentary evidence are going to be published in subsequent editions commencing with this edition. A lease letter published in today’s edition is a further proof that one of the houses located on plot 3 at Regent Road, Hill Station of our previous edition is   where she has just transferred to on her recent return from the USA.

A land formally assigned to Mr. J.B. Gbondo and later re-assigned to one Aminata Conteh was finally offered to Madam Khadija Sesay on the grounds that the initial recipients failed to pay lease rents or develop the piece of land which Madam Khadija Sesay was very desperate to develop probably with funds accrued from the OGI subvention.

The Director of OGI should also be mindful that even the piece of land she allegedly diverted millions to build a resort complex in Kent is shrouded in confusion as the owner of the of land Mr. Kabia has reportedly referred the matter to court, but she continues to threaten him and people with her usual statement of the “the President says…..”The President says……”

The other unfinished building which is the Director’s fifth house that is currently  under construction in a place called “AKON” at Leicester.(picture of the building is available) Even though she continues to deny of having built five houses for herself within the period of 5 years at OGI, yet the public remains optimistic and confident that she owns those houses and funds used are from the OGI coffer.

A letter published in the Monday edition of this medium was written by Madam Khadija Sesay, by then she was the Assistant National Coordinator of the Open Government Initiative dated 8th February 2009 to the then Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs complaining her former boss Karamoh Kabba, the former National Coordinator of OGI, now Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs. This medium reliably learnt about the uneasy relationships that had existed between Madam Khadija Sesay and her Boss during the formative years of the Initiative.

What can Madam Khadija honestly say to herself about those charges and her putrefying administrative system that has collapsed the OGI office and render it meaningless.

The establishment of the OGI Regional Offices is also a mockery to the President’s ambition and Initiative. The offices are dormant. Our sources have confirmed that there is not a single activity going on at the Regional Office. Recalled that this medium published articles of the Director’s misplacement of public funds by establishing so- called resource centres in the south that cost millions of tax payer’s money.

Currently, all of those constructed structures are being used as camouflage to divert refunds from government coffers to personal use. One of the Regional Coordinators has confirmed to our source that since the establishment of those offices in 2012 they are yet to organize a single function in their respective regions.(To be continued)

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