In Sierra Leone Mada Bio sells house to defeat Solomon Berewa

he now turns hustler for money

Mr. Julius Maada Bio may be a lucky man to win the party presidential ticket in the midst of a total of 19 Aspirants, but may not be lucky to raise the necessary to compete with other presidential Candidates in the forthcoming 2012 election. At the moment, even rent payment to his landlord is difficult and for the past three to four months promises continue to fill the eardrum of his landlord, a cool, calculated and understanding gentleman.

Former SLPP presidential aspirant 2007, Solomon Ekuma Berewa

Members of his party are not even thinking of any rescue mission, from his present predicament. Mr. Bio is not a property owner in the city and even in the provinces. His political career since his exit from State House has not an enviable one. Making regular telephone calls to friends overseas and those promised to chip into his political is uncertain as to whether they would uphold their promises after taking a critical study of the current situation on the ground.

In 2005, the only house left for him in Freetown was sold prior to the SLPP Makeni Convention in order to raise fund to defeat Mr. Solomon Ekuma Berewa and other Aspirants that vied for the party ticket. Unfortunately, for he lost and was not in a position to refund money paid to him for his house. He therefore lost his house and the position he contested for, thus leaving him in a state of regret and disappointment. The other house on Kissy Road he bought while in office as NPRC 11 Head of State was done on the name of a closed and trusted friend, who later after his exit from office refused to transfer ownership of the property to him; claiming that the house does not belong to him.

It remains uncertain as to whether he would be able to raise the expected amount for the coming election when the whistle is blown. The SLPP as a political party is willing according to inside source to contribute to his political campaign from what is left from the total amount paid by the nineteen Aspirants. A mining Company in Canada pioneered by one of his writers (name withheld for now) has promised to contribute and also some of the party members in the United States of America Chapters, which included Washington. A Source from the Washington Chapter has claimed that the Chairman, Mr. Askia Koroma allegedly took US$10,000 as a loan to Freetown to contest for the party’s ticket. This money he has not yet been able to refund. It would be recalled that Mr. Koroma promised to raise a little over One Million Dollar if the party’s presidential ticket is giving to him. Now that he has lost it, it is not known whether he would endeavor to raise the One Million Dollar as promised.

The expectation of Julius Maada Bio’s supporters is that money for political campaigns and other logistics would be made available once the whistle is sounded for the election.

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