Seven Years in Legal chains: Freedom at Last

By Adrian Fisher 28th July 2015

Adrian Fisher’s conviction for corruption quashed by Appeals Court. Judge says “using two laws to indict the appellant was not just an abuse of process, but unjust and against fair trial principles…”
11 Years ago, I left a lucrative career and my family in the UK to answer to the call to serve my country at a time when the judiciary was desperately in need of judges and magistrates after the end of the civil war. I served my country assiduously for four years in various capacities in the Judiciary, the University and the procurement authority.  Seven years ago, the reward I received for all my hard work was an accusation of corruption of less than 3 million Leones and a conviction for an offence I did not commit resulting in a fine of 100 million Leones. I have not been able to understand how any competent professional would act in such a clueless and reckless manner by bringing such charges to court wasting tax payers monies  and spending over 100 Million Leones to prosecute a 3 million Leones case and against a man who has demonstrably maintained the stance of an anti-corruption crusader and a change maker to his duties for four years on the basis that this man suddenly decided to change that record to one of corruption for a meager sum of money within 4 months of moving to the Southern city of Bo.  I never for once doubted my innocence and knew this whole charade was a setup by the previous ACC administration for reasons only they can fathom.

I put my faith in the justice system  but was let down not by the justice system, but by one single Judge who decided the renewal of her contract to enable her to keep her children educated was more important than doing justice to another person’s only child. Notwithstanding I still continued to place my faith in the justice system appeals process.

Today the Court of Appeal has spoken. It has spoken loudly and clearly. THIS WAS CLEARLY AN ABUSE OF PROCESS AND NOT JUST UNJUST BUT A FAILED TRIAL PROCESS. I am and was never guilty of what I was charged with. I did not deserve to go through what I was put through. 7 years of my life (the prime) has been taken from me whom I would never get back.

magistrate_fisher_1__002_001At this point I would like to thank the almighty God for seeing me through this ordeal and to keep me alive to see this day. I would also like to thank the Judges of the Court of Appeal for having the patience and professionalism to see through the charade of a judgement by Justice Mary Sey and for having the courage to give me the justice I was denied by Justice Mary Sey.  Justice HAS NOT ONLY BEEN DONE BUT has been seen to be done. This judgment is a demonstration of the independence of our judiciary manned by our own judges and I hope it inspires renewed confidence by the public in our legal system. This judgment gives hope that justice can and will be dispensed by our judiciary,

I would also like to thank my legal team EEC Shears-Moses Esq AND Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq. who argued the appeal brilliantly. I want to thank Emmanuel for his patience and the late night calls I frequently made to him to discuss legal issues and strategies for the appeal. I would be remiss if I fail to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to JB Jenkins-Johnston Esq. AND Leon Jenkins Johnston Esq., not forgetting also CF Edwards Esq and Melon Nicol Wilson Esq. who stood by me throughout the original trial when others deserted me and whilst other colleagues sympathized ‘from afar’.

At this stage I have a special mention for the current leadership of the ACC and in particular Mr. Reginald Fynn (as he then was) who had the courage and integrity to concede on a key point in the appeal that supports my contention that the previous administration of the ACC was engaged in witch- hunting and to accept that persecution was an unacceptable prosecutorial tactic. Indeed Mr. Fynn was a lawyer that was as good as his case.

I would like to pay tribute to my elderly parents and in particular my one and only mother, who has undergone so much pain over the past 7 years but has remained steadfast and supportive. I can never forget the day my poor mother ran up three flights of stairs and almost collapsed at the offices of the Anti Corruption Commission in order to see her only son being accused of actions she did not recognize in his past behaviour. Mummy and daddy this victory is yours. I would also like to pay a special thank you to other members of my family who have been so supportive in diverse ways. I would also like to say a big thank you to members of my immediate family for all their support and loyalty throughout the dark days.

I am an only child but I happen to have a very special brother who has been more than a brother to me and my family.  To that brother I simply say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May god richly bless you. There are a number of people too numerous to mention whose friendship and support I deeply value. To you all I say I say thank you.

As for me I intend to continue doing what I was trained to do and to fulfill the oath I took to do right to all manner of people. I would like to take this opportunity to call for a full and proper investigation of all ACC cases so no other family has to go through what my family and I have gone through over the past seven long years. It has been a long wait for Justice but Justice has finally been done and has been seen to be done.

I Thank you and God bless you all.

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