The Acting Minister of Tourism and Culture and her General Manager of the Tourist Board who misinformed both the Presidency and the Secretary into believing that they have a Court Order that empowers them to legally demolish permanent structures at the Lumley Beach including that of Annie Metzger have now been exposed as liars and story tellers.

That they concealed the truth, from their authority for personal reason which may not be unconnected with money.

For several months now, it is learnt that a certain Senegalese Businessman resident in the Republic of Guinea has been pressurizing officials of the Tourism Ministry and Tourist Board, and further threatening them of a possible legal suit if money spent on them is not refunded and if the piece of land promised to him is not giving to him immediately to commence his beach project. The fear he instilled on them has led them to take an illegal action without obtaining the necessary documentation from the Court.

It would be recalled that when report of an attempt was going to be made to demolish the permanent structure was reported to President Koroma through the Secretary, the latter called on both the General Manager of the Tourist Board, Mr. Yassin Kargbo and the Acting Minister, Kadie Sesay and advised them to put a hold on their plans as the matter has already received the attention of President Koroma, who will take a decision on it. Reports went further to state that the Acting Minister responded by telling the Secretary to the President that she was going ahead with the demolition as she was in possession of a Court Order.

It is evident that due to her educational inability, Kadie Sesay is unable to distinguish between a Court Order and a Judgment. In such a situation, it was expected that the Tourist Board Manager Yassin Kargbo would have come in to rescue her political boss by explaining the difference, but they both went ahead and conducted an exercise that has been widely condemned and described as unlawful and illegal.

What was thought to be a Court Order imagined by Yassin Kargbo and the Acting Minister, Kadie Sesay has now been explained by the Law Firm representing Annie Metzger, and has further explained that an Application for Possession was denied by the Court when it was applied for by the Applicants.

The Law Firm in a letter dated 31st August, 2015 to President Koroma has described the action of Yassin Kargbo and Kadie Sesay as a clear case of disregard for the law and Contempt of Court. Yassin Kargbo had earlier remarked that they are going to do it the “American Way” which means as interpreted by him forceful withdrawal of the land. It was based on this notion that last Friday at around 4: PM he instructed an employer of the Tourist Board popularly called Mark Fish and a Caterpillar driver to put down the structure.

The letter from the Law Firm to President Koroma gives a clear position and analysis of the matter since its inception, when it was brought to the attention of the Court to its present status, and called on the President to intervene

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