…involves in Le450 Million Land Scandal

Most of his subjects have been taking a back with shocks and surprises when they learnt from the grape vine that Paramount Chief Prince Boima 1V has recently changed his nomenclature, from an elected Paramount Chief of Bo Kakua Chiefdom to a fighter, imitating the once powePC-Prince-Lappia-Boimarful World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson. Chief Boima may probably want to gain recognition and popularity within and out of his chiefdom as a powerful boxer, who would not spare his subject, but unfortunately he received his first defeat not too long ago from a newspaper reporter that sent him berserk around the township of Bo in search of his subject that released the heavy punch on him. The early morning of Thursday after experiencing sleepless nights, Chief Boima was spotted at the SLBC Compound, making offensive statements that were least expected of a sober minded and credible Paramount Chief and vowed to teach this subject an unforgettable lesson “I will fight, beat him up well with nobody to ask me a single question” Boima was quoted to have said.

The question that most of his subjects are now asking is when did their Paramount Chief become a boxer?

For the past couple of days and weeks, Chief Boima has become an uneasy man, wandering around his house and soliloquizing, thinking of the embarrassment he has caused to himself as a result of greed, self-centeredness and quest for money.

With little or no respect left in him, he is thinking of how to restore his credibility in the midst of the financial scandal that has tainted his character, but the approach he has utilized of becoming a boxer has contributed to further destroy what is left of him that he may call “the image of a Chief” is the dissonance that has sent him wandering like a sheep in a sultry afternoon.

Depriving Land Holding Families of their legitimate inheritance in his chiefdom was the method he thought appropriate to raise money for personal enrichment. He is now walloping in shame and disgrace as most of the affected family members are determined to take him to cleaners and expose him further as one of the Paramount Chiefs in the Country who has no respect for his subjects and above all, taking what belongs to them, using Chieftaincy power with no regret or a pinch of sympathy for his subjects. This they described as day-light robbery of a Chief.

Now that Chief Boima is in a fighting mood to crush heavy, light or feather weights he is also not countenancing letters from Lawyers representing various Land Holding Families and not even having plans to respond to their cries.

He is not alone in the scheme to make money through the sale of acreages of land belonging to his subjects, but aided by Charles Kaiile of the Bo Provincial Administration.

It would be recalled that it was in 2009 that he contested the Chieftaincy election after a devastating loss in 2003. He won the election in that year after the death of Chief Rashid Kamanda Bongay 1V and was thought by many that as a struggling teacher he would wipe tears from the eyes of his subjects and fight for their rights, but their expectation has now turned sour and disappointing. Since his tenure he has been at the centre of land disputes and regularly accused by his subjects of illegally selling acreages of lands that belonged to the Sandemahun Land Holding Family and also those at the Government Reservation Bilama Road among others.

His desperation for money has pushed him into playing double roles, as a politician who was funded by the APC Government to a staunch supporter of the KKY Camp while paying lip service to his benefactor.

A letter dated 14th April, 2014 from the Mokuwa Land Holding Family, explaining how the family acquired the piece of land was neglected and wave with the back of the hand. The belief that Paramount Chiefs are custodian of lands in the provincial towns is the doctrine Chief Boima is preaching when depriving his subjects and damn the consequences. Being a custodian is quite a different phenomenon to being the owner, which the Ministry of Local Government should interpret to Chief Boima to avert further embarrassment or a possible uprising from Land Holding Families, whom report states may soon go on the rampage if the authority refuse to caution him to keep his distance and stop selling their properties without the consent and approval of family members.


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