“We command you that within 14 days after service of this writ on you, exclusive of the day of such service, you do cause an appearance to be entered for you in the High Court of Sierra Leone in an action at the suit of Wordsworth Filo- Jones” are the opening sentences in a legal suit filed in Court against the General Manager of the Sierra Leone Tourism Board. It has been perceived as a very big embarrassment not only for the industry, but the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma. Since the appointment of Mr. Yassin Kargbo and his deputy Minister, there has been several law suits filed against them for their unlawful and illegal actions that have deprived a number of Sierra Leoneans. The braggadocio statements of having State House as their backer, pillar and inciter may have probably led them into taking actions that are now considered as an embarrassment to the State and employing authority.

Since his assumption of office as the new Tourism General Manager, Mr. Yassin Kargbo, probably based on poor and unproductive managerial advise has caused a number of discomforts and destructions to his Sierra Leonean Counterparts or probably using his office as a front to destroy the ambitions and desires of his brothers and sisters.

It will go down into the history books of the Tourism Industry that during the era of both the General Manager, Mr. Yassin Kargbo and the deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture, Kadie Sesay there has been massive waste of financial resources of Sierra Leoneans caused by either their mono-focal and incompetent progressive skills, which has caused the industry to go sour in the mouth of most development oriented Sierra Leoneans of lover of the Tourism Industry

The Filo-Jones Law suit against the Tourism General Manager has outlined areas that the Court should give priority to and prayed that he be forced to comply with the outcome of the trial. A civil law suit that takes into account damages, costs and compensation, which would be quantified based on the inconveniencies’ discomfort and loss caused as a result of his action.

Both the Statement of Claim and Particulars of Claim give an insight into what the Plaintiff is looking forward to achieve. It is not known whether the Tourism Manager would survive the action, if he does he would have to thank his stars and the pillars that he has always bragged about at State House (Read documents published in this edition)

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