Judges Salary Sliced from Le9.5 Million to Le2.6Million

Three High Court Judges of the Jurisdiction of Sierra Leone have had both their Human and Legal Rights constantly abused by the Judiciary where they are members of the Bench without going through the due process of the law and found guilty or not.
These Judges, for close to two years have been looked upon as corrupt men of the law when neither the courts nor any tribunal has found them guilty. What has worsened the situation of the three Judges is that every month their salaries and allowances are sliced without any reason giving to them for the slicing of their salaries and allowances. In a recent publication by this medium, it was stated that an instruction originating from nowhere was giving to the Deputy Director General, Mr. Koroma of the Human Resource Department to further cut down on the monthly pay of these officials, without recourse to the law.
What became a shock to the three Judges and a nightmare is when they recently checked their accounts, they were informed that their accounts contained less than what they used to be paid at the end of every month, which was in the range of Le9,500.000(Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Leones).Bank sources that spoke under the cover of confidentiality to this press revealed that the amount remitted into each of their accounts is around Le2,600.000 (Two Million Six Hundred Thousand Leones), far less of their official pay and remuneration.

Sierra Leone Chief Justice Umu Tehan Jalloh

This press has not been able to speak to the affected Judges to confirm information received from the Human Resource Department and the Bank. However, sources at the Judiciary have confirmed to this press that since the three judges were suspended on allegations that have not been proven right or wrong, treatment meted on them could be described as a clear case of human and legal rights abuse “They were never tried and found guilty, yet they are treated like common employees” An insider remarked.
It would be recalled that the Abdul Tejan Cole Anti Corruption Commission framed up Justice Allan Halloway and portrayed him as a corrupt Judge. He was publicly, without respect for his office as a Learned Judge of the High Court dragged to the ACC building where he spent almost the entire day on the pretext of investigating allegation of bribery made against him by a litigant who was having a matter in his court relating to a piece of land and house.
In the case of Justice Alusine Sesay, similar allegation of bribery was levied against him by another litigant in Makeni where he was the presiding Judge at the time. Both matters have not been investigated when they were asked to give up their positions temporarily.
In the case of Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards, he was accused of insubordination. Law Court Building sources explained that he was transferred to the provinces without allocating him a quarter and ceremonial uniforms to perform his official duty. His refusal to proceed led to his suspension and subsequent denial of some of the facilities available for Judges.
The three High Court Judges are now living in a state of hopelessness as they know nothing what the future holds for them. The suffering they are undergoing during this period of suspension has giving them no taste for the job. According to a private legal practitioner aufait with the plights of the three, he explained that since the history of the Judiciary; this is the first time High Court Judges are being treated this way under the administration of Hon. Chief Justice Humu Tejan Jalloh.”Judges as I know have immunity, but I don’t know where this immunity has been thrown to?” He asked.
Sources say the Chief Justice is making every effort to restore them to their offices as she has noticed that their removal is not only unconstitutional, but is having negative interpretation about her administration.”They are not contract Judges, but Judges that went through the rudiment and approved by Parliament, in view of that procedures for their removal could be a marathon exercise; which is also not be good for the image of the government” A colleague Judge said.

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