In 2005, it was Julius Maada Bio that gave money to Musa Tarawallie to do business and during the SLPP Convention in Makeni he parted away with Five Thousand United States Dollars as his contribution to Bio’s struggle for power. Maada Bio never imagined that the individual he sponsored would return such a meagre sum to him at a time he was in dire need. Musa Tarawallie of yesterday, today and tomorrow is no stranger to thuggery, embezzlement of project and contract money and deceitfulness. The former Vice President of the SLPP, Mr. Solomon Ekuma Berewa knows him like his law books and can tell his autobiography without browsing through any text book. His appointment as Resident Minister, South was seen as a mistake by the APC  government who saw him as somebody that can be rehabilitated and transformed from a celebrated thug to a decent, law abiding and productive Sierra Leonean. Unfortunately, the ambition and desire of President Koroma to make him an enviable personality among his Cabinet Ministers has not paid him any dividend, instead it has brought him an embarrassment.

As a member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Musa Tarawallie was awarded several contracts to rehabilitate the Lungi Barracks, by then it was Solomon Ekuma Berewa who was Head of the Tender and Contract Awards Committee. The impression he gave Solomon Berewa is that profit from the contracts would be diverted to his campaign exercise and when it was time to keep to his promise, Musa Tarawallie turned against him and threatened to blackmail him publicly, this was the time the APC picked him up, feeling that he was a good material for the party. He is now beginning to prove his true character to them that he is not even worth to be appointed a school prefect, let alone a full Cabinet Minister of Government.

One is forced to ask, what had mistakenly gone into the head of Musa Tarawallie to imagine himself becoming the Vice President of Sierra Leone? Apart from his shortfall in education, he is unpopular and known to be a thug, who can bulldoze and abuse humanity to get his way through.

The recent and sad episode in Kono, involving the Minister of Internal Affairs and youth of the district is an unfortunate one. One could hardly imagine a Minister of Internal Affairs instructing his guards to open fire at youths who were carrying no guns or lethal weapon, when he should be the one protecting this category of people.

The message is not only unfortunate as it emerges at a time not too far from the 2012 election, but equally tells the violent character of an individual who was mistakenly appointed a government minister and placed in a strategic ministry.

As a Resident Minister in Bo under the APC government of President Koroma, Musa Tarawallie’s contribution to the district is nothing good to write home about. If he is not involved in the sale of rubber plantation, he would be accused of disrespecting elders of the district and promoting thuggery and violence.

As Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawallie only confirmed several allegations leveled against him, while he was in Bo as a Resident Minister that he is good at using and mis-using state security apparatus and resources to project his ego. Although, the appointment of Ministers, Commissioners and Senior State Officials is the prerogative and discretion of the President, However the appointment of Musa Tarawallie as a Minister of Internal Affairs may be a mistake on the part of the President. This ministry is not only crucial to the internal security dynamics of the state but also the mirror of the state as officers such as  Police, Prison, Office of National Security (ONS) that all form part of this ministry that are responsible to protect lives and properties of the citizens.

When the Minister, whose Ministry is charged with this great and enviable task of protecting the people and their properties orders his security guards that are paid from tax payers monies, the situation is not only scary but has the potential to explode if not controlled immediately. The likes of Musa Tarawallie is not fit to be in the midst of decent and law abiding people, but fit to be sent to Libya to control and give instructions to rebels and opponents whose thirst for blood has no limit.

Several questions continue to occupy the minds of sane Sierra Leoneans, and among them is why Musa Tarawallie should patrol the streets of Freetown and the provinces with Siren, hooting and blaring at every corner and truck loads of law enforcement officers?

In Moyamba, he has succeeded in terrorizing peaceful residents and grabbed their lands and other properties. Alhaji Sesay has no good words for him when he recalled how he terrorized his people for their land that he has erected a permanent structure, that he called a dwelling house. It is shameful to note that the country’s Minister of Internal Affairs has not gone beyond BECE class and he is giving a whole ministry of security to control; which he has now proven to be incompetent to handle. It is also a sad history to read after the APC shall have relinquished power by the children of this soil to know that once a Minister of Internal Affairs ordered his guards to shoot, whether at the youths or not and whether indiscriminately or not is not a good content material to browse through.

The political and social history of Musa Tarawallie is disgusting and replete with corruption and activity of thuggery and not a good image for the APC party. The President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma should know that a power-hungry semi illiterate is not only a danger to himself, but a danger to society at large and that is Musa Tarawallie. For some time now, this political upstart emerging from the ashes of his burnt out reputation has showcased himself as a man of violent disposition and is no doubt he is on the rampage again. The most recent incident that is not a secret is that of the Kono episode, that was widely reported even on the BBC. It clearly demonstrates the qualities that would denigrate that venerable position of a vice president, should Musa Tarawallie ever be considered even on a shortlist of such eminent and worthy persons.

In retrospect, who is Musa Tarawallie?, to trammel and tarnish the good works of Ernest Bai Koroma in the eleventh hour of a glorious first term in office as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. He duped Solomon Ekuma Berewa as stated in this piece after squandering Billions of Leones for unperformed contracts, through the infamous “Working Group” which he headed to steer Berewa’s political ship to State House that never happened. It was rumoured resoundingly that Musa Tarawallie orchestrated the defacing of President Koroma’s picture on the clock tower in Bo to earn himself a place in the President consideration. Indeed, he was the Resident Minister in the Southern Region, subsequently catapulted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a Minister; a position he is currently using to unleash and leave a trail of terror wherever he goes. In his home at the Moyamba District, he ordered the arrest of Kamajor Militiamen who had gone to the home of a colleague to sympathize with him on the occasion of the death of his mother. Musa Tarawallie erroneously took the view that the men were regrouping for no apparent reason, yet again he got the attention of President Koroma. Somehow, for inexplicable reason he would always appear to attract the attention of the powers that be. Could the Kono incident have been one of those ploys that have failed dismally? Mr. President, the prerogative for the choice of a runningmate is yours; and only you can determine the suitability of persons for this high office. While discretion is better than valour, on this particular occasion the people of this nation will continue to wait and see if the noble position is up for “grabs” once again and who will be the lucky person, Musa Tarawallie?

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