WASTEFUL DONOR FUNDS  …water survey project enters corruption Den



The sacked banker and “former runaway NASSIT employee” who was catapulted to the position of Minister of Water Resources by President Ernest Bai Koroma against the dictates of the 1991 Constitution is now exhibiting what he knows best at the Ministry, though not leaving behind much of his traits, however the little that he unconsciously exhibited has explained volumes why he was frog matched at the Standard Chartered Bank with the wave of the hand by other employees saying it was good that a decision to relieve him from the job was done in the interest of good administration and the protection of the establishment.

Minister Momodu Maligie refused to respond to questions from this medium when two reporters confronted him to throw light on donor funds meant for the survey, instead he wave the back of his hand at them and referred the two to his Communication Officer who could not even articulate the rationale for being employed and receiving Three Thousand United States Dollars monthly for being incapable of promoting the objectives of the project and the Ministry of Water Resources. Sadly, the funding of the Water Survey Project by donor organizations   was meant for the benefit of the citizenry to be able to access good and pure drinkable water and the key points that the resources can be achieved, but it turned out to be a disappointment, only benefiting a few of those that should have helped to remedy the deplorable water supply situation in the Country.

Sources say Minister Momodu Maligie is afraid to exhibit his emptiness and therefore decided to refer the reporters to his rescue team that is equally incompetent and incapable. The incompetent rescue team, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Water Resources claimed that both the Minister and Ministry have no hands in the implementation of the Water Survey Project “It’s the Sierra Leone Statistics that is implementing the project” They claimed ignorantly, little did they realize that an investigation had already been mounted and Statistics Sierra Leone has clean hands, with no total or absolute involvement after it had been sidelined and pushed to the corner, giving only adhoc activities to perform while the chunk of the project was left in the domain of the Water Resources Syndicate.  A document authored by Minister Momodu Maligie dated 23rd May, 2016 showcased his involvement. As if that was not enough to show that he was involved, the recruitment process was dominated by a small fraction of syndicators who drafted most of their concubines to milk from the donor funds. Recruitment for various regions was characterized by corruption and egocentrism as Juana, one of his Communication Officers drafted Olimatu Karim, his parlour wife and Ibrahim Suma, the son of the Director of Water Resources, Mr. Lamin Suma used his office to recruit his son. It was just the beginning of what could be seen as a grand corruption and misappropriation of donor fund perpetuated by a few.  Yema Massaquoi, wife of Mohammed Fofanah who, according to inside sources did not go beyond the BECE class is enjoying the benefit of a corrupt class that is put in charge of a national institution. This is just a tip of the iceberg and the biggest could be seen with the alleged hiring of 34 Vehicles for the implementation of the project that has now been disputed and challenged. Moliba Car Rental, 5 Bailey Street the “front runner business man” of Minister Momodu Maligie can tell how many vehicles were taking from his Centre and much was paid and profit shared. Even the amount of money paid for data collection and Identity Cards have now been proven to be a hoax and amount on paper used to carjole donors embezzled.

What sounds as a new phenomena that is subject to a test or verification by President Ernest Bai Koroma is whether a serving Minister has the Constitutional Authority to grant Executive Clearance to employ his former bank workmates or Executive Clearance is only for the President of the State of Sierra Leone. The Executive Clearance has been used to offer jobs to two former working colleagues of the Minister of Water Resources and each of them is paid in the sum of US$3,000 for doing sweet nothing and striking deals for their boss. If the Government of  Sierra Leone  is serious about  the current austerity measures to salvage the economic situation  in the Country the recent  Executive Clearance by  the Minister of Water Resources Momodu Maligie  to clandestinely recruit and pay  US$ 3000  from the consolidated fund  to Joel Lawson and Daniel Sesay as Communication and Transformation  Coordinator and Project  Delivery Manager should be nullified.

The positions already exist within the rank and file of the Ministry as stipulated by the Public Service Commission. The Ministry on the other hand has the  latitude of hiring professionals  ranging from Engineer of high  standing ,  Director, Deputy Director, Heads of Rural and  Urban Waters  WASH Supervisors, Laboratory Technician, Water Analyst, Monitoring and Evaluation Personnel , Policy and Planning   among others who can do well if the atmosphere is conducive than those  liabilities the Minister employed and called experts. The action of the Minister does not only amount to wastage of tax payers’ money and resources but tantamount to abuse of power. Acting   with impunity the Minister   has done an Executive Clearance letter to the Human Resource Management Office to issue an official appointment to Joel Lawson a failed Banker who was kicked out of Standard Chartered Bank together with the Minister for alleged dubious deals.  Daniel Sesay, reportedly has little or no experience in monitoring and project implementation (See next edition) 

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