APC SHO-SAWYER PACKAGED …in a state of political dilemma












In what looks like a Nigerian movie is gradually unfolding in a strange tragedy that will eclipse the happiness of the current do-nothing Member of Parliament, Dr. Sho-sawyer. Initially, he had treated the determination of the young, energetic an accomplished Sierra Leonean with the wave of the hand, allegedly saying that he can’t remove a thread from his shirt, but the way things are progressing in an aggressive and alarming rate has reportedly sent Dr Sho-sawyer scanting and panting like a fugitive in a sultry afternoon. For several years now, his representation is a mockery to the electorate, with nothing tangible or substantial to point finger at as a development drive or initiative. Now that the eyes of the electorate have been widely opened, Dr Sho-sawyer has become uncomfortable and sees his livelihood been put under serious threat, with the only alternative available to him is to return to the United States of America, which he has perceived as an insurmountable task. Using the police to intimidate, harass and prevent the natural course of development to take place in his constituency has not been a good and preventable option as the speed is not only high and unstoppable but has the capacity to break every human parts of his body.

In less than twenty four months, the seriousness of Alfred Thompson in promoting the welfare of Dr. Sho-sawyer’s abandoned electorate is tormenting him both day and night and to an extent negatively impacting on whatever plans he may have conceived, but far from implementation. He is now in a state of political dilemma, with nowhere to turn for rescue as he has squandered every opportunity provided to him by the ruling APC party. Allegations that Alfred Thompson is a drug sucker and sniffer, abuser of human rights, disrespectful to his mother have all not served the real purpose of bringing him down. This is due to the undisputable fact with evidence of his hard work, dedication to the cause of the people and providing them with his meager resources what they have been deprived of and expected to have been provided for them by their Member of Parliament, but in vain. “Alfred Thompson has come to restore the hope of the hopelessness and give us a true and dignified representation” Youth chanted, and adore him as the poor man’s friend and brother. Whatever allegations and scandal they may want to throw at him in a bid to dampen his spirit has no place for now as Alfred Thompson’s effort and focus is sharp and irreversible. Running taps installed, cleaning of several markets and promoting good and appreciable sanitary conditions have giving confidence to the people to speak their minds that a political savior has emerged to inject life into the lifeless and happiness to the sad, dejected and abandoned electorate that sacrificed their votes for the livelihood and selfishness of one person whom the APC party did not thoroughly scrutinize before awarding him a symbol to contest and be their Member of Parliament. A sad and disappointing episode, and it was the opinion of Dr. Sho-sawyer that Alfred Thompson is an insignificant figure in the midst of the political heavy weights, but like the adage, “the stone which the builder rejects shall be the head corner pillar is what is showcasing itself now, and that has left Dr. Sho-sawyer wandering and making scathing and unsubstantiated allegations, but Alfred Thompson has vowed to continue helping the poor and the less privilege and give credit to the APC


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