Bethel Outreach Ministry APPEARS in Court on Land Grabbing Allegation

Bishop Larggah of the Bethel Outreach Ministry International would not want his name to be associated with land grabbing, nor would he want his photo published in any newspaper relating to land grabbing. Unfortunately, he can’t help the situation nor can he put an end to newspapers using his portraits in articles about land grabbing as long one of his extended churches is allegedly involved in the act, it would leave the born again Bishop in a state of predicament with one scandal after the other hovering around his head.
The Bishop may not appear in Court today, because he would not want too many eyes to gaze at him, but the Pastor in charge of the Ross Road Branch Rev. Felix Turay will appear. The criminal summon was not for only Pastor Turay, but Bishop Larggah inclusive means that the Magistrate Court is expecting him to make his appearance visible and co, operate with the Court. They were dragged to Court by the Massaquoi Family on allegation of land grabbing, which they would have to defend in Court.
In Court last week, Lawyer Kofi, Defense Counsel had already misinformed the Court by stating that his client had been on the land for considerable time now, therefore they own it and should not be questioned. It is not only sad for a Defense Counsel to advance such an argument in defence of his client, especially when his clients have no legitimate documents to ascertain their ownership, but the flimsy argument advanced quoted under the wrong section.
The document from the Government Asset Commission cannot stand the test of time, because it is not the body that is responsible to assign leases of state lands but the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment. No document from this institution is in possession of the Church, which could be used to defend the action of the client and their Lawyer.
Realizing that the Church’s action undermines Christian doctrine, belief and principles of honesty, fairness, justice and love, the Massaquoi family chose to seek justice in the Court of Law so that Religious Leaders who use the pulpit and congregation to break and subvert the law will be exposed and brought to justice as the God they serve does not bear witness against the innocent. The Charges of encroachment trespass and damages are being investigated by the Court.
Lawyer Kofi believed to be a member of the Bethel Church defending the accused persons is yet to accept the reality that his “men of God” are misrepresenting God wickedly and many Court audience were shocked at Lawyer Kofie who should be upholder of justice and Christian values, the same value he stood for during his candle light in the days of the APC when he contested for a seat in Parliament to represent the people.
What is clear is that the Church, aided by a Francis Koroma at the National Assets Commission will not use its influence and the Church using its congregation to pervert justice. “Religious leaders must be taught a lesson to stop grabbing land and other properties that are not theirs in the name of religion” Echoed a retired Reverend Father.

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