The Over-zealous move to check Integrity: Gambling always on sight

By Ali Sonta Kamara
The need to check the integrity of candidates who have intention to run for the SLFA Presidency is making ominous waves with FIFA constraining effort to hold elections next month on similar claims.
In the recent history of Sierra Leone, the integral component of integrity in football has been largely connected with gambling while there exists up to thirty different clauses in the FIFA Code of Ethics. The components are qualities candidates should possess while in office.
Analysts believe the idea around integrity has not been fully explained as and when its components should be invoked. In the last SLFA elections, Rodney Edmond Michael and Foday Turay failed the integrity test conducted by local panelists with preconceived orientation. The contention then was that Edmond and Foday had affairs in gambling.

Mohamed Kallon, who was among those who expressed interest to run for the SLFA Presidency, had his candidature disqualified on matters related to doping.
Madam Johansen then went unopposed to the cry of many. But if gambling and betting are genuine FIFA requirements in checking integrity, then transparency and violent behavior should also be considered as they are part of the FIFA Code of Ethics.
This is one among the reasons the aggrieved stakeholders think Madam Johansen has failed as she has not explained how she used the annual subvention given by FIFA to the membership.
But Alhaji Komba, a football stakeholder, thinks the idea around football integrity has been misconstrued as not being accountable for money expended and not going to congress to intimate stakeholders on financial spending will also call for integrity questioning. “We should not assume that if Mr. A comes to office, he will be corrupt. That will amount to witch-hunting,” he said.
There are only nine days left for the August 3rd elections, which many believe will not be held on integrity claim as FIFA has instructed. With this, there is no hope for football.

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