Mayor Gibson says FCC and MASADA’s Relationship is very Bitter

BY Aziz Samura
Mayor of Freetown City Council (FCC), Franklyn Baba Bode Gibson, has claimed that the relationship between his institution and MASADA Waste Management Company is not as sweet as one would expect because the latter is sabotaging the operations of the council.
Mayor Gibson, who was speaking on Tuesday 22nd August, 2017 at a press briefing held at FCC’s conference room, expressed dissatisfaction over the work that MASADA Cleaning Company is doing in the Municipality of Freetown.
“MASADA is being given a tipping fee so as to tip all the garbage around Freetown and dump them at the appropriate places but much is not done in that regard. Most times, FCC has to intervene because it is our responsibility of cleaning the municipality of Freetown in spite of the fact that we are paying to MASADA to do it,” he said angrily.
He cited the Monday 21st August, 2017 incident at Granville Brook popularly called ‘Bormeh’ in east of Freetown, where tricycles and people unscrupulously deposited heaps of rubbish outside the perimeter fence thereby causing vehicular traffic that causes embarrassment to right-thinking Sierra Leoneans.
“That garbage was cleared by FCC and we had to hire three bulldozers to do so. We have already cleared the two lanes that were blocked by the garbage and we are now dragging the garbage inside the fence. That work must have been done by MASADA because they have a contract to do so but they did not. This is sabotage,” he stated.
However, Mayor Gibson said the culture of throwing bits and pieces in the gutters and streets was not in Freetown before the war, noting that they used to sweep their homes and burn the wastes.
“But during the war, most Sierra Leoneans went to other countries where they borrowed their culture of not properly managing their wastes. We now see people cooking in the street, pouring garbage in gutters and compounds of their neighbours,” he said.
He said no body would tell him that the culture of throwing filths in the streets and gutters was brought to Freetown by people from the provinces, observing that anytime he visit towns in the provinces, he could hear the sounds of brooms at around 5:00 in the morning and the people normally manage their garbage very well.
“The latrines in some of the villages I have slept were not paved. They have gravel but one could hardly see a broom straw there not to talk about any filths. Their chiefs fine them if their compounds are dirty. Cleanliness is at its peak in the provinces,” he noted.
Jamil Bawoh, Community Development Manager, MASADA Waste Management Company, said his organization is a private waste management company that was contracted for 20 years to manage garbage in the Municipality of Freetown.
“The specification of our contract was to manage 43 transit points, where we deploy our bins and the community people deposit their garbage there. The contract we had with FCC through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development does not spell it out that it is the responsibility of MASADA to manage dumpsites. It is a traditional responsibility of FCC to manage them,” he said.
He added that they are only complementing FCC and if garbage is being dragged to the street from the dumpsites, it should be cleared by FCC.
He said the issue of blame games and pointing of fingers to MASADA by the very institution that should manage the dumpsites is unfortunate.
“It’s not the responsibility of MASADA to go to communities and collect garbage or clean the streetsand drainages, but we have a mandate to collect garbage that has been deposited at the transit points,” he said.
He said MASADA and FCC cannot work without each other and boasted that his organization has all it takes to manage the wastes in Freetown.

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