Beach Land Wahala: Minister Spends Night At CID

Beach Land Wahala: Minister Spends Night At CID

January 24, 2018 1 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

The former Minister of Lands and Country Planning, who is also the National Organizing Secretary of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) Party and also an alleged Presidential candidate for the newly formed Citizens Democratic Coalition (CDC) Musa Tarawally is presently detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for allegations of subversive activities during his tenure as Minister of Lands and his present political stands.

The former APC organizer was whisked from his comfort zone to the CID yesterday and later joined by his legal representative Lawyer Momoh P. Fofanah. Mr. Musa Tarawally was later detained for further questioning and investigations.

Though it was not yet clear as to what bases the former APC strongman was invited to the CID, yet sources close to the police have revealed that it may not be unconnected to his surreptitious activities as a former minister and his political ambition to occupy the hot seat after the end of his former boss President Ernest Bai Koroma term.

It could be recalled that coincidentally Musa was sacked as Lands Minister two years ago, in December of 2015 for alleged subversive activities within and outside the ministry to the annoyance of his ‘Godfather’ President Koroma. His activities raised many eyebrows to the extent that President Koroma as a way of cushioning the situation promised to hold an enquiry that never came to light.

Some political pundits believed that the enquiry was deliberately delayed by the President for such a time when the ‘President’s blue eye boy’ would show his secret intentions of possible succession to the throne under a new party setup by him, the CDC.


The now CDC Presidential candidate during his APC’s days was always on a ‘special operative’ mission to help loosen the tight grip of the main opposition SLPP within the South Eastern axis of Sierra Leone.

Presently other observers may believe that Tarawally has upset APC strongholds with his recent show of strength amongst youths of Freetown who joyfully mobbed his vehicle in support of his candidacy. The APC is not comfortable with any attempt to sway youthful votes from its Freetown Western Area stronghold.


According to a police source at the CID, Musa will be interviewed and investigations will commence, but whether the actual charges will be proffered against him or continue in detention is yet to be determined by the police.