Dr. Samura Kamara is reportedly an embarrassed man, not because he was selected for the position of flag bearer, but because he was forced into it. Close friends of the newly selected flag bearer of the APC have been quoted as saying that he is confused and don’t know what to do. Dr. Samura Kamara is not a politician, not a socialite, but a conservative Sierra Leoneans who always prefer to be in his small corner and away from public gathering. His attempt to contest for the Presidency of the African Development Bank was done through persuasion of friends who saw him as a competent and fitted person for the Job. He was not even shortlisted and since that time he has kept himself quite and performing his official duties. With this task that he has been forced to undertake, Dr. Samura –Kamara is reportedly embarrassed and don’t know where to start. Although he has been assured by his boss that everything would be well he is still reportedly not sure and if he is go through the embarrassment and public ridicule, he would blame his boss, President Ernest Bai Koroma for subjecting him public ridicule and scrutiny.

If what is being circulated in the social media about the just concluded APC Makeni Convention is anything to go by, then the APC has sandwiched itself in a corner and for it to come out with the support of most of the candidates seems to be a farfetched possibility.

Meanwhile, the selected running mate of Dr. Samura Kamara is reportedly holding talks with the aggrieved Candidates. Yesterday, Mr. Cherenor Bah alias was at the residence of Minister Minkailu Mansarary whom he used to call “Uncle Mink”. If the APC wins the 2018 Presidential election “Uncle Mink” would be addressing Cherenor Bah as Mr. Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, so with the other Candidates. The last hours of the Makeni Convention, described by many of the participants as a “Special gathering” that was full of intimidation and disrespect, which is not the style of the APC, but that of the Chairman and Leader of the Party.

Prior to this meeting the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has coerced members of his party to give him the final endorsement of Chairman and Leader of the Party “until death do them part”. With this endorsement he now wields absolute power to take a decision that could not be criticized by any member, as that would tantamount to a disrespect to the “Life Chairman and Leader” of the APC party. He had already informed them that people say that he is a gentleman, a nice person, but after taking decision if anyone crosses his path, he would….which was indicative of the fact that he was going to take a decision as Chairman and Leader for life that nobody should dare raise his head or criticize or object to. A Minister of the Ernest Koroma Government said to this press any comment after the decision of the Chairman and Leader is an anti APC activity, and the individual would be properly dealt with for others to see. “We have set a precedent , so the APC is not afraid to repeat it for the second or third time” He said confidently.

At a special NAC meeting in Makeni, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma reportedly presented Dr. Samura Kamara’s name to the surprise of almost all of the NAC members except Bai Mahmoud and Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh who were believed to be in the loop. He based his argument on Dr. Samura Kamara’s credibility and international standing. Chief SAY Sesay (Chief Masiyanday residing at Bathurst Street informed President Koroma that his chosen candidate’s suitability and marketability have to be discussed by NAC but the President reportedly refused to adhere to his advice.

He rather reminded them that they had given him the authority to select a Candidate in one of the NAC meetings held at the party’s head office in Freetown. With Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, VP Victor Bockarie Foh and Hon. Alhaji Kemoh Sesay asked to leave the meeting because they were aspirants; eighty percent of NAC members present allegedly were in favour of John Bornoh Sisay whom they argued that he did his homework well, went round the country and has contributed immensely to the party whilst Dr. Samura Kamara doesn’t have a national appeal.

President Koroma was allegedly quoted to have said, “You don’t love John Sisay more than I do. He is my blood relative but my choice is Dr. Samura Kamara”. President Koroma reportedly pretended to shed tears, which motive was to attract sympathy from other members. Hon. Buya Kamara also wept saying, “Orman (referring to the President), Na dis we bin tork?” Hon. Harold Hanciles of Bo stood up in tears and said, “Ernest you done sell we”.

Haja Afsatu Kabba suggested that being that John Sisay is the most popular flag bearer candidate, he should be offered the running mate slot, but her suggestion was thrown to the dogs, even when she flavoured her argument with regional balance, it did not get the attention she thought was going to get.

Chief SAY Sesay again asked the President, “Why did you invite us here then? You should have just announced your choice to the delegates”.

The report claimed that President Koroma threatened to resign as Leader and Chairman of the party if his choice was not accepted. Dr. Jengo Stevens in a state of annoyance walked out of the meeting on two different occasions, but unfortunately that did not change the plan

Another high point of the meeting was President Koroma’s first choice of running mate, which the report claimed was Sidi Yayah Tunis, Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. He was out rightly rejected and this time the President backed off as a consolation and presented Hon. Chernor Bah alias Chericoco as an option and was overwhelmingly endorsed.

Dr. Jengo Stevens was reportedly quoted as saying that the party’s 1995 Constitution states that a running mate should be chosen by the flag bearer in consultation with NAC and not by the Leader and Chairman of the Party.

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