“Sarra The Great” Released On Bail …parents liable to criminal prosecution

“Under Cap 31 of the laws of Sierra Leone the parents of the two minors who died in an old rickety Peugeot car should be charged to court for neglect of children that ultimately led to their untimely death” Was the submission of a retired Supreme Court Judge. The criminal liability, commented a legal practitioner of 25 years experience cannot be escaped. Parents of the two boys should be charged to court under the laws of Sierra Leone with reference to CAP 31 under cruelty to Children. Sources say the parents made no official report to the Sierra Leone police when they discovered the children have gone missing; instead they sought the advice of a Marabou who predicted to them using a coconut. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Kamara alias “Sarra the Great” has been released on bail yesterday at the Criminal Investigation Department. His release witnessed what could be loosely referred to a collaborative effort by his colleagues that was punctuated by celebrations on the streets of Freetown as they lifted him up in happiness and joy to receive their friend and colleague who was about to be framed –up for the offence of murder that has created many doubts.

Police have not been able to respond to a simple question as to why “Sarra the Great” was detained for days at the Criminal Investigation Department, after he has disclosed to the investigators that he was not in Freetown when the incident occurred. His three- day- detention is viewed as an abuse of his human rights and should therefore be compensated. In Sierra Leone, unlawful detentions are not compensated or followed by an apology from the police or Law Enforcement Agency in the Country.

Up to press time this medium has learnt that the police have made no request to the Pathologist for an autopsy examination to be conducted on the victims. Allegations initially levied against the Comedian have been proven futile and cannot be used in any way to press charges against him. The blood droplets claimed, they saw was not from the residence or pathway to his house and no forensic analysis was done to determine whether it was blood from any of the victims or from a wounded dog seen in the Compound of the Comedian when Police visited the crime scene. The red pair short trousers, the father of one of the child claimed belonged to his son that he wore on that fateful day has been dismissed as inappropriate and irrelevant evidence. The red pair short trouser was still worn by the child when the bodies were discovered in the parked rickety Peugeot Car. During investigation, report states that police discovered no external injuries on the victims and no body parts missing so allegations levied that it was “Sarra the Great” lodged the victims in the rickety car awaiting the heavy downpour of rain was the figment of imagination of the parents and propagandists who wanted to revenge for their neglect. Police shamefully discovered the futility of their conspiratorial efforts to crucify an innocent Sierra Leonean

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