The alleged plan by the District Medical Officer, Dr. Sani Turay of the Bo District Health Management Team to allegedly convert one of his official vehicles to his private property has been uncovered by some noisy Journalists in Bo. Investigations conducted by this medium have revealed that Toyota Land Cruiser with a detective number plate, registration number AEK802 has recently become the subject of major concern to the people of Bo.

The 68- year- old District Medical Officer has allegedly reverted to his old Kambai style of faking brains and manipulating staff of the DHMT, using his current position and removing the original registered number plate from the Toyota Land Cruiser to an undisclosed location for couple of months within the District. Unnoticed, to many workers at the Bo District Health Management Team. The suspicious behavior of Dr. San Turay by taking the said vehicle to an undisclosed location cannot be unconnected with his desire to fraudulently convert the vehicle to his private property and convey it to Kambai his home town, probably as part of his retirement benefits. The vehicle was reportedly kept in hiding for nearly two months during which, the original registered number plate of the vehicle was clandestinely removed by the DMO so that the Transition Recovery Committee of Government   vehicles will not be able to identify the vehicle as one of Government vehicles.

The report furthered that when the dust of the Transition Recovery Committee of Government vehicles settled down, the District Medical Officer wasted no time to have the vehicle removed from its location where it was kept. He reportedly utilized the Toyota Land Cruiser for several weeks in the District without a Registered Number Plate. The District Medical Officer having used the vehicle for quite some time later affixed a fake number plate on the vehicle, continues using it in the District in an effort to divert the attention of the curious minds from his plans. This medium has been intimated that most of the boarded official Government Vehicles of the Bo District Health Management Team are allegedly been sold out to the public by Dr Sani Turay without observing the bidding process.

Even though, the Bo District Management Team has some vehicles that are road worthy; reports however alleged that some senior staff members have been deprived from using these vehicles meant for the DHMT staff. The leadership provided by the District Medical Officer, Dr. Sani Turay has been described as a mockery in recent times, which has   resulted to mal-administration that has position the institution in a state of public ridicule. He is reported to have sidelined most of the professional staff at the DHMT for personal reason. The unprofessional attitude has not only exposed the District Medical Officer, but has created wide speculation that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Brima Kargbo is pampering and supportive of him at the expense of an improved medical and other competing services to the District.

It could be recalled that the Bo District Health Management Team has been in possession of over twenty vehicles under the control of Dr. Sani Turay as the District Medical Officer to effectively supervised and monitor Health activities in the District. According to reports, most of these vehicles have been grounded due to lack of care, with poor maintenance culture by the management of the Bo District Health Management Team. Report alleges that some of the vehicles have been sold to the public by the District Medical Officer without going through proper procedures. Investigation has revealed that the use of the Hilux Jeep by the District Medical Officer for more than one month without a Registered Number Plate has created serious doubts in minds of many people in the District.

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