Massive support for education:   Sierra Leoneans in the USA donate to schools

Massive support for education: Sierra Leoneans in the USA donate to schools

January 29, 2019 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

By Abu BakarrKargbo

The Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU) comprise of Sierra Leoneans in the United States of America who formed themselves into an organization not only to forester unity but also to support development initiatives in their country. Over the years, the Union has provided support to key development areas with the aim of puttying their country in the back on its development track after the rebel war.

SLPU’s donation to the education sector is highly commended by community people, whose children are directly benefiting from the goodwill gesture. The Union generously donated desks and chairs to three primary schools in the North, South and Eastern part of Sierra Leone. The three beneficiary schools are: the St Therisa Police Primary School, New Police Barracks in Bo Town (35 desks and 70 chairs); the Kenema Eastern Polytechnic Practicing School (35 desks and 66 chairs); and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary in Roruks, Yoni Chiefdom, Portloko District (30 desks and 60 chairs).

SLPU is a US-based non-profit, Non-political, non-religious organization that is comprised of Sierra Leoneans who, over the past 25 years in existence, have been given out scholarships to students in tertiary institutions. Over the past two years, the charity organization shifted their interest on sitting accommodation. Last year, the organization made similar donations to three schools in Freetown.

The donated materials

The Union has realised the importance of education and that it was imperative on parents to show their children that education is the key to fulfilling dreams as well as having a productive life.

The Chairman of the organization, Mr. Ismail Koroma, said the SLPU will continue similar gestures in the coming years in the west and other parts of the country.

Handing over the donated items to the schools, the representative of the organization, David Mendegila, told students and school authorities that the Organization has not given the desks and chairs to the schools on behalf of the government, but rather compliment the effort of the government in ensuring quality education in Sierra Leone.

He stated that education is an investment for personal and national development, the foundation of moral regeneration, a revival of the people as well as a strong pillar for the nation’s industries. He admonished school pupils to treat their work with all seriousness because, as he puts it, “without quality education a nation cannot get the much-needed manpower for socio-economic development”.

Mendegila used the opportunity to call on teachers and parents to support the pipuls with quality education and promised their continuous support to the sector.

School authorities who received the donations thanked the organization for its unflinching support towards education. They assured that the donated items will be maintained and utilized for their intended purpose.