Tzu Chi and Partners give Connaught Hospital Ward 9 face-lift

By Mohamed Konneh

Tzu Chi Relief Foundation in collaboration with Healey International Relief Foundation, and Lanyi Foundation on Friday 12th April 2019 official handed over the newly renovated Ward 9 at the Connaught Hospital, in Freetown.

The project was implemented by local partners Caritas Freetown giving the ward a new face-lift and was presented to the Government of Sierra Leone and staff at an auspicious ceremony.

Tzu Chi Executive Vice President: making her statements

Opening the facility, the Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Foday Yumkella said amongst other things that the refurbished facility is very much paramount  in the promotion of human dignity, whereas, noting it has boost the confidence of staff and by extension the government of Sierra Leone.

He said the Bio’s Administration put so much emphasis on the flagship project of education and which could not be completed without having healthy children, parents and teachers and also having food sufficiency for a healthy lifestyle.

The Honourable Minister commended all those that have contributed to the beautification of Ward 9 and that the Minister of Health, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie and the entire Bio’s Administration are very grateful.

In his statement, the Deputy Chief Medical Director, Dr. Gibrilla Fadlu Deen disclosed that Ward 9 stands out as one of the busy wards of the hospital which is almost always full and therefore needs attention. “We are happy for this refurbishment while thanking Tzu Chi and partners for the work done in giving the ward a facelift.

Dr. Fadlu Deen appealed to Tzu Chi and partners to adopt the ward noting the ward promotes the health of patients and save lives.

Delivering her speech, the Executive Vice President of Tzu Chi Foundation, Debra Boudreaux noted that adopting the Ward comes with teamwork and whereby, all is expected to take ownership of the Ward.

She encouraged all to make use of the basic health protocols of water, sanitation, and hygiene amongst others in promoting the health of all.

“Tzu Chi is a Taiwanese word which means, ‘compassion relief,’ and which has been manifested in saving the lives of the vulnerable in Sierra Leone over the years, and our Executive President, Master Cheng Yen is very much concerned about humanity.

At the moment, we have another team in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, helping the needy,” she disclosed.

Recounting on the mandate of Caritas Freetown, the Executive Director, Father Peter Konteh explained the mandate of the organization noting that fixing the dignity of humans is the binding principle of the organization. This is core to our mandate noting that the meaning of Caritas is love in action.

Father  Konteh said Caritas Freetown see its work as a blessing to serve those in need, and that Tzu Chi as an organization that has been providing rice for Ebola survivors and other humanitarian gesture over the years. “We have phase from transition emergency to sustainable development phase,” and this is what we will continue to embark on, he said.

Father Konteh said Tzu Chi as an organization is not new to medical intervention,  noting that Ward 9 is just a test case as with the Ward at 34 Military Hospital.

“Our work at Caritas Freetown during the refurbishment was to be on the ground, monitor andgive feedback on the work. The hospital management on the other hand should be able to keep the ward tidy and functional at all times”, he said.

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