Catholic Priest sends Ramadan message to Muslim Community

By Mohamed Konneh

Rev. Father Peter Konteh-Executive Director-Caritas Freetown

The Executive Director of Caritas Freetown, Reverend Father, Peter Konteh has reached out to the Muslim community as the faith begins the month of Ramadan. Father Peter Konteh is a devout Catholic Priest of the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone.

He said Ramadan is an opportunity for unity of prayers for Muslims and Christians, to Spiritual strengthen us fight and eradicate corona virus and all the various threat to the existence of humanity.

“The month of Ramadan with its dedication to fasting, prayer and almsgiving, is also a month for strengthening the spiritual bonds we share in Muslim-Christian friendship.

Muslims and Christians knowing and recognizing ourselves as brothers and sisters, can “tear down walls raised out of fear and ignorance and seek together to build bridges of friendship that are fundamental for the good of all humanity.” This way, we can cultivate a new way of life in political, civil and religious institutions where violence is rejected, and the human person is respected, Father Konteh noted.”

Father Peter Konteh was at the management of reception camps (both for refugees and internally displaced persons) during the war and saw how religious leaders helped to end the war. The church during that period helped in the resettlement of refugees. His achievements was recognized by the UNHCR as outstanding camp management of remarkable integrity

The Catholic priest was ordained on 9th April 1996 at the peak of the 10 year brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. He has been an outstanding advocate for peace and unity and most importantly serving humanity.

He believes in inter-faith collaboration and the reason for reaching out to his Muslim brothers and sister at this trying time of the country with the Corona Virus ravaging the world.

Sierra Leone has recorded over 90 confirmed cases, ten recovery, four deaths and over nine hundred people in quarantine.

Father Konteh deem it necessary to reach out to the Sierra Leone Muslim community at this time so as to strengthen the bond in lighting Sierra Leone to God and fighting this dreadful disease.

“We have an obligation as religious leaders to pray for our country, foster unity and serve humanity. This is our call as the month of Ramadan is a month of prayer, Almsgiving and serving humanity, he said.

As the President Agenda makes progress…

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