Adnan Antar… A drug convicts looking frail and disappointed

An old drug convict in his mid sixties is exhibiting what he knows best on the social media with in an unthinkable manner. The name is Adnan Antar a notorious and celebrated drug convict, whose name is still on the prisoner’s list of the Central Prison in Italy-Rome. Adnan Antar after serving his jail term in Italy, he decided to return home where he did not find cozy and had to divert to the United Kingdom where he currently hibernates in a shameful, disappointed and frustrated mood. He had predicted to hit the jackpot, but unfortunately it turned out to be the other way round and now left with the title as a convict, better known among colleagues of the Lebanese Community as a jail bird, but some called him an old convict of drug trafficking that landed him in jail. What is interesting but shameful is that some of his colleagues who are supporters of the Hezbollah group have come out after the publication of the Friday edition to distance themselves from him and the group, saying that the Hezbollah support group in Sierra Leone has no member who is a drug convict or drug trafficker. Some of them called the press to say that Adnan Antar is a cursed child, whose immediate family members have shunned him for quite some years now because of his unprogressive and shameless attitude that he has used to soil the Family name that the family has built over the years back.  Many have described him as a nuisance. His recent social media outburst has led to several interpretations by some members both in the Lebanese Community and family members. How true is it that after his jail term he has been suffering from mental health problem. The suspicion is that he may have been tortured whilst in jail as the crime is a serious one that the international community is constantly snubbing and every country is spending money to combat the trade and to an extent want to put an end to.

Another sad chapter in the life of Adnan Antar is that he would never be forgiven by his ex-wife and one of his siblings whom he drove out of his house sometime back for reason that could be described as insignificant or irrelevant. Several efforts made to reunite him and his family has proven unsuccessful as the ex-wife and sibling had considered the fact that they cannot return to a house that the head of the house is a drug convict   who has not been useful to the family. This behavior of Adnan Antar has qualified the suspicion by some members of the Lebanese Community and family members that he may be suffering from a mental problem that requires a professional psychiatrist,  to examine the level of mental health, whether he had damaged  it with the use of prohibited substance or not. Candidly, his mental situation couple with his behavioural approach has caused many friends and relatives to distance themselves from him. Many see him as a great risk; therefore to associate with him is a serious disadvantage to civilize and decent people with focus.

When he left Sierra Leone for Europe a couple of years ago,  family sources say he thought he could have a leeway in drug trafficking as he had been enjoying the trade in Sierra Leone together with his compatriots. He was arrested by the Italian Police, tried in Court and was found guilty of drug trafficking, a serious crime in Europe and America.

Currently, some of his family members have alleged that he is serving as a Principal Adviser to drug dealers and traffickers on the English soil in the United Kingdom. He is making contact in Europe and Lebanon-Beirut for some Lebanese individuals that are involved in the trade in Sierra Leone and other parts of Europe. This is one way of making a living even though he is not physically involved in the trade, but still has contacts overseas’ A senior member of his family remarked.

Sources revealed that Antar transformed himself to an enemy of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone for their failure to aid his release from the Italian Jail, little did he realize that it is not a domestic offence, but international. He has since led a campaign against the leadership of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, which he thinks he can destroy or conspired to topple. A number of death threats and social media attacks have been meted out by him on the current President/Chairman of the Lebanese Community in Freetown. The long time aged Lebanese drug Trafficker has turned himself into a public nuisance on social media in recent days. His selfie videos using obscene languages against the person of the President of the Lebanese Community and other well-thinking members clearly show where his came from and indicative of his background. (Investigations continue).

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