Overcoming Covid19: Coconut Organization boosts Sierra Leone Correctional Service

Overcoming Covid19: Coconut Organization boosts Sierra Leone Correctional Service

December 22, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper


Overcoming the spread of the Coronavirus, Coconut Organization, an International Relief Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in Gwangju South Korea, has on Friday 18th December, 2020 donated assorted items to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS). The items ranging from 13 cartons of big Saba soap, 20 big cartons of mosquito coil to 40 small cartons of Saba laundry soap and sass soap took place at SLCS’s Headquarters, New England Ville in Freetown.

Coconut carries out various projects with the dream of a happy society for everyone in the global village. Coconut realizes a happy society for the underprivileged through sharing and donation, and creates a healthier and brighter future through mind education.

Speaking on the purpose of the donation, Coconut Branch Manager Park Hwan Chul said the Coconut Organization has been doing verities of donation activities for communities, youths, inmates at the Sierra Leone Correctional Service: in partnership with the Mind Education Institute that teaches and trains the world of the heart, with not only by laws, rules and regulations but through the accurate studying of the people’s mind, showing them the apparatus of their heart which made them to end up committing crimes and how they can be out of this life.

“The change in mind gives change in life and the change in life brings change to the world.”

He continued that they have been doing some lectures to change the inmates mind purposely to let them live a better life, underscoring that they do not want to stop at education but also sponsored them on their basic need which is why they are donating these items.

“We thought it fit that inmates are suffering as they may be faced with challenges of basic amenities especially in this difficult time of the pandemic,” Manager Park said.

He also stated by appealing to Sierra Leoneans to stop isolating inmates as they are part of us, underscoring that because of their undefeatable desires and temptations, eventually made them falling into a crime. Let’s work together in rehabilitation of the inmates, he ended.

Acting Director, Human Resource for the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Lamin Alimamy Bangura, commended Coconut Organization for the donation. He went on that the donation is timely as the Service is facing serious challenges in providing basic amenities for inmates.

He further reiterated that the donation is not a new one as Coconut has been boosting the Correctional Service in the past. “Sometimes last year, our astute Director General was given the opportunity to witness one of their conferences in South Korea. We also witness the current projects implemented by the Korean people with our inmates as dealing with inmates is all about mindset. They also provide television for the inmates and also undertake training for them,” he disclosed.

He concluded by highlighting some of the challenges which include clean pipe borne water, overcrowding among others, stating that he wants to use this opportunity in calling on Sierra Leoneans out there to observe Covi19 restrictions as the fight is not yet won.